Results of the Bigeye SUP Race in Bari – Eurotour 2022 stop #1

It was mainly an Italy vs Spain match in Bari, Italy for stop #1 of the Euro Tour at the BigEye SUP Race this past weekend, with a good pinch of Hungarian troublemaking! Congrats to ICF Junior World Champ Duna Gordillo for her 1st Open victory on the international scene and to Bruno Hasulyo who scores his 3rd win of the 2022 already! Here are the results. (pictures by Georgia Schofield)

First major international win for the Spaniard Duna Gordillo

The women’s race was dominated by two very promising young athletes, the 2021 ICF Junior World Champion Duna Gordillo from Spain and 16 year old Cecilia Pampinella from Italy. The ever-experienced Laura Quetglas, winner of the Gla Gla Race 2022, finished in 3rd position. Special mention to the Juniors Velia Pisanelli & Laura Nitti for finishing in the Top 5.

Top 10 Women:

Duna Gordillo  @nspsurfnsup
Cecilia Pampinella   @mistralsup
Laura Quetglas   @nspsurfnsup
Velia Pisanelli   @onesup
Laura Nitti   @starboardsup
Claudia Postiglione   @onesup
Laura Dal Pont   @starboardsup
Sveva Sabato   @onesup
Anna Occhiogrosso   @starboardsup
Bianca Scarangella   @starboardsup

3rd victory this year for Bruno Hasulyo

Following his victories at the 2022 Gla Gla Race and the 130km Dordogne Intégrale 2022, Bruno Hasulyo’s dominance was obvious in Bari from the first buoy. The race for the podium was frantic and the local hero Davide Alpino did everyone proud. Liran Machlev  from Israel took a solid 3rd position sprinting against Leo Nika. Filippo Mercuriali finished 5th.

Top 10 Men:

Bruno Hasulyo   @xbionic
Davide Alpino   @starboardsup
Liran Machlev  @starboardsup
Leo Nika   @starboardsup
Filippo Mercuriali   @starboardsup
Fernando Perez  @nspsurfnsup
Aaron Sanchez   @starboardsup
Tommaso Pampinella   @jpaustralia
Enrique Hurtado   @nspsurfnsup
Nicolo Vincenzo   @starbo



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