Red Paddle Co reveals the 2020 Stand Up Paddle Collection

Red Paddle Co, have revealed their latest collection of performance driven inflatable paddle boards. Dedicated to introducing the sport of paddle boarding to everyone and using patented technologies, the brand’s 2020 SUP range includes enhanced features, ergonomic, user centric designs, stylish new iconography and colourways.

Red Paddle Co: Refining Perfection

For 2020, the Red Paddle Co team have maintained their unwavering focus to design and building the stiffest, reliable performance driven inflatable boards – a signature that is central to every product produced by the premium paddle boarding brand.

Manufacturing boards in their own private facility, the new 2020 range has been constructed and executed to the highest quality. The eye-catching 2020 range is packed full of enhanced features, ergonomic and user centric designs that elevate the boards to the premium products they stand for. These fresh features include a variety of new elements such as iconography and stylish and enticing new colourways that reflect their and blend with their surroundings.

“By managing our own production facility and supply chain, we have complete control and can dive into every detail at every stage of production before submitting it to the industries toughest and most rigorous quality control process. This end-to-end approach is what we call TEC AIR and is just one of the things that really sets Red Paddle Co apart from any other inflatable SUP brand on the market,” said Phil Hawthorne, Head of Design. “For 2020, our product design team have continued to scrutinise every part of the production process, with a focus on user centric design so everyone can have the very best paddle boarding experience. Iconography has played a vital role in our redesign to simplify the range and make it easier than ever for people to find their perfect board.”

Red Paddle Co: 5 year warranty

All 2020 Red Paddle Co boards now come with an extended five-year warranty when registered on the brand’s website. As Co-Founder John Hibbard puts it, ‘We stand behind our boards as much as we stand on them!’.

Red Paddle Co: Driving innovation in inflatable paddle boards

Red Paddle Co have recently been awarded the international accolade of ‘Brand of the Year 2019’ as voted for by SUP Connect.

“Red Paddle has been at the forefront for innovation in inflatable paddle boards since the sport has grown in popularity over the past decade,” commented Allie Beucler, SUP Connect Editor.“They have always been focused on getting the community involved in the sport and have done a fantastic job of showing just how simple and fun paddle boarding can be. The team continue to drive the sport to the masses, encouraging the entire family to enjoy the sport together.”

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