Red Bull Heavy Water 2019: Radical Conditions, Major Male/Female Cast and Historic Prize of $75,000 on Friday 18th October

The world’s best are getting ready for one of the sport’s most radical challenges and richest rewards. As without a doubt the most talked about and highly anticipated races in the sport, the Red Bull Heavy Water starts at Aquatic Park, in the heart of San Francisco, heads out to Golden Gate Bridge, through Fort Point, and then onwards around Lands End to Ocean Beach.

Teaser: Red Bull Heavy Water 2019 – Overcome your Fears

You might think that while it is likely a gruelling race, especially given the calibre of the athletes, it should be manageable. This however, is certainly not the case: the final leg of the course is a zig zag in and out through the surf, with a 10ft minimum surf height required for the event to run. What does this mean? Carnage and survival of the fittest, as the athletes will have to navigate one of the most hectic beach breaks in North America in pounding XXL conditions to come out on top and be eligible for the single largest prize-purse in the sport: $75,000. Featuring 24 Men and up to 12 Women in 2019, Red Bull Heavy Water will once again showcase the outer limits of the sport.

Red Bull Heavy Water will go green light for Friday October 18!

It feels like the seasons have changed overnight here in San Francisco, with a fresh swell creeping in after a period of serious flatness. It’s been nearly 6 months since this stretch of coast last saw big surf. That is about to change. The remnants of Super Typhoon Hagibis are headed towards San Francisco, spawning multiple wave generating systems. The best of the mix looks to arrive Friday, between strong blasts of local wind.

Plenty of uncertainty remains, but one thing is clear. Summer is over, and Red Bull Heavy Water is on the way. The racecourse, having slumbered quietly since last year, will soon transform into a maelstrom of raging currents and mountainous peaks. Extreme conditions are imminent.

We know storms like this are rare. It might degrade slightly, or blow up even more and be XXL huge. By Friday the conditions will be radical. That’s what this event demands, and that’s what the racers will face in a few days.

A number of competitors fend off the mighty waves at the Red Bull Heavy Water 2017 in San Francisco, California

The Men

A prestigious invite list of 24 Men includes the sport’s major stars and Ocean Sports’ legends ready to take on the toughest challenge

The 24 Men stepping up to do battle at the 2019 Red Bull Heavy Water include some of Ocean Sport’s most celebrated legends and both current and rising stars, as the event will challenge every single skillset these incredible athletes possess and then some. The environment is like no other, as XXL surf will be thundering through the race course to provide the most spectacular racing the sport has ever seen. Here are the 24 athletes set to take part in the 2019 edition:

Michael Booth (AUS)
Arthur Arutkin (FRA)
Casper Steinfath (DK)
Connor Baxter (HI)
Mo Freitas (HI)
Lincoln Dews (AUS)
Zane Schweitzer (HI)
Travis Grant (AUS)
Danny Ching (USA)
Itzel Delgado (PER)
Slater Trout (USA)
Tyler Bashor (USA)
Christian Anderson (DK)
Kai Lenny (HI)
Martin Vitry (FRA)
James Casey (AUS)
Bernd Roediger (HI)
Ryan Funk (HI)
Kody Kerbox (HI)
Fernando Stalla (MEX)
Kenny Kaneko (JP)
Riggs Napoleon (HI)
Chuck Glynn (USA)
Mark Alfaro (USA)

The women

An incredible cast of the most respected and impressive Women in the sport will step up to do battle at Red Bull Heavy Water

It will be exciting to see the Women step up in 2019 to take on what is without doubt the most challenging race course in the World for the sport of Stand Up Paddling. With an incredible cast of characters set to take part, we are anticipating a spectacular show at this year’s Red Bull Heavy Water, as some of Ocean Sport’s most well rounded talents step up to be counted.

Yuka Sato (JP)
Annie Reickert (HI)
April Zilg (USA)
Terrene Black (AUS)
Fiona Wylde (USA)
Izzi Gomez (USA)
Annabel Anderson (NZ)
Jordan Mercer (NZ)
Andrea Moller (BRA)
Shakira Westdorp (AUS)

Live Forecast with TotalSUP – Official Media Partner

Red Bull Heavy Water will feature a full broadcast of the Race on TotalSUP’s Facebook Pagestay tuned for timings of the broadcast once race day is called

You can watch all the action unfold from wherever you are in the World, as there will be a full broadcast of Red Bull Heavy Water that will capture the blow by blow of this epic race from start to finish.

Stay tuned for exact timings!

Casper Steinfath heads towards the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, on a practice session before the 2017 Red Bull Heavy Water competition

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