Nymboida SUP descent with Blackfish Team Rider and World Champ Lincoln Dews

“After 82 hours, of lugging 30kg packs down the river, in which we felt completely exposed and out of our depth at times it was a pretty special moment to make it to the finish safely, especially after so many setbacks.”  Blackfish Paddles  and SIC Maui Team Rider and two-time World SUP Race Champion Lincoln Dews has released a full video of his latest quest, an immersive experience of extreme paddleboarding down the Nymboida River Rapid trail.

No stranger to tough and testing environments, Lincoln Dews and Nick Ray, adventurer and endurance paddler, became the first people to successfully complete the entire length of the river on stand-up paddlebaords, non-stop and unsupported. TotalSUP caught up with Lincoln to hear more about their Nymboida SUP descent.

Hi Lincoln! Congratulations on the launch of the video and your epic SUP adventure! What drives SUP athletes and adventurers to venture out into the unknown? Why is tough and the extreme so compelling?

It doesn’t matter if I’m in the competitive environment or in the ocean alone, I love pushing my own limits. With the competitive scene at a standstill currently, my own goals have started drifting towards adventures like this in which I’m pushed so far out of my comfort zone.

Choosing the gear you can rely on for such an extreme expedition is crucial. Could you tell us more about your choices?

Anytime you go into an area where rescue options are limited, equipment becomes absolutely critical. Safety was our number one priority always, so wheather it was lifejackets, helmets or satellite phones we made sure we were prepared for every situation. I used a 10’6 Tao iSUP from SIC Maui as the length was best suited to the rapids and sections we had to traverse by foot. For a paddle I took a Blackfish Nootka Fishskin adjustable paddle and a Fishskin three-piece as a spare. These paddles and board were probably the most important pieces of equipment cause if they broke we had a long hike out.

What made you keep going through the toughest moments of your SUP adventure?

The fact that the only way out was at the finish! No, in all seriousness Nick Ray was a huge motivation. He is experienced in multi-day adventures such as this and I learnt a lot about how to mentally work through multiple days from him.

What were your Blackfish paddles of choice for this expedition?

Using the Blackfish Fishskin paddles gave me peace of mind by knowing I could absolutely trash the paddle and it wouldn’t break. Pretty lucky considering I hit every rock in the river with my paddle, ha ha!

While we talk about white water sections of the river, there were many miles of flat water paddling too. The Nootka Fishskin is a perfect allrounder for this also.

What would you say to SUP enthusiasts looking to embark on a SUP expedition?

Do it! SUP is so diverse, there are so many different avenues available. Go out there and try!

What’s next in the pipeline?

My next projects are looking similar to this, however in the ocean. There are some major steps to work up towards doing multiple days in the ocean. So there’s going to be a few adventure projects coming this year.


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Thank you and good luck with your next SUP venture!

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