Paddle Logger: A Tracking App for All Water Addicts!

Paddle Logger App¬†was developed to track and log water based sessions and is now finding new friends amongst the non SUP community. The App developed by British SUP enthusiast David Walker has seen an increased uptake in use from those who paddle outrigger/va’a paddling, surfskiing, and prone paddle boards.¬†Confirmation that the tracking app can be just as effective for inspiring and motivating others to get out on the water, especially in the northern hemisphere winter! In the next few months Paddle Logger will be launching a¬†party in trouble (PiT) functionality, this will be a land anchor so that paddlers can be located by a designated 3rd party.¬†TotalSUP talks to SUP turned surfski paddler Cathy Watkins from the USA how the App has motivated her in her surfski sessions and the PiT functionality!

Hi Cathy, Can you introduce yourself?

I moved to the Half Moon Bay (home of the famous big wave surf break, Mavericks) Northern California, from the east coast (Florida and Mid-Atlantic areas) two years ago.

I’ve always been in or around the water, so finding ways to play in the ocean here, where it’s a bit rougher and colder than what I’m accustomed to, has been a learning curve. I’ve been a power boater for over 20 years, but sold them with the move and decided to only use human powered craft. Most people here surf. I’ve surfed only twice in my life. However, I’ve kayaked since childhood. I saw an advert on Nextdoor for a surfski (I had never heard of them) about six months ago and bought it, figuring it would give me more ability to handle rough conditions than my stand-up paddleboard. Oh yes, I also SUP!

What attracted you to Paddle Logger?

I chose Paddle Logger after searching for something that would give me both distance stats and a map functionality, rather than choose “Outdoor Walk” as my activity. I was specifically looking for something for paddling. At the time, I considered myself more of a SUP person, but I got the app around the same time I started my surfski adventure, and since then I have used it more surfskiing, it is a an all round paddle tracking app!

What do you like about the Paddle Logger?

Paddle Logger App is incredibly easy to use. I just open the App and click “Start” and¬†Voila! Sometimes I forget to stop it, though! I have linked it up with my apple watch and am constantly checking it to see my pace (I was surprised to see I paddle faster than I walk my dog). Maybe I¬† check my watch too often after reviewing GoPro footage!

I love that it overlays satellite on your tracks when you review your log and that you can categorise paddles. I have different folders for my SUP and surfski journeys. I also appreciate that I can set it to automatically put my Apple Watch in water-lock mode, so I have less extra clicks. To me, the best part is seeing what my max speed was on a trip. Paddle Logger has been extremely receptive to feedback and it’s really neat they started a Facebook community as I really enjoy seeing others’ photos and trip satellite shots. I would absolutely recommend the app to others.

Are you excited about the launch of the PiT safety system?

After my last ill-fated trip where the ocean was angry, I¬† had to turn around half way into my paddle and head for for shore, so I’m intrigued about this new development! That said, I always have my phone in a waterproof case, a submersible VHF radio, life vest, whistle and I’m adding a Personal Locator Beacon. But you can never be too safe!

Stay tuned for the launch of the new PiT mode from Paddle Logger set to hit the scenes in the next couple of months! Join paddle logger now free and it includes exclusive access to our community via the app!

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