Paddle Logger: Enhancing Your SUP Experience

In recent years there has been an increase in the availability and models of gps watches and apps. But often very few that concentrate on stand up paddleboarding and other paddle sports. With this in mind young British paddler David Walker developed Paddle Logger an app designed specifically for SUP and other paddle activities. Paddle Logger aims to track and log all your water based sessions whether you are training, surfing or just out paddling with your friends. David talks to TotalSUP about his app Paddle Logger.

Hi David, Paddle Logger looks really clean and easy to use, can you talk about the history of the app?

I started getting into SUP about 4 years ago and I was looking for something to track my journey, so I started developing this app. Like other paddlers I paddle to get away, to find peace, and with this app it really helps. We live and play by the sea, we love the ocean, we are paddlers the easiest way to enhance your experience on the water. I think this passion comes through on the app!

When I started developing the app I was at university and was developing the app for personal interest. I had no idea if I was going to make any money from the app 4 years later, and after a lot of development the app is starting to get more and more popular!

Why is the Paddle Logger different from other GPS apps?

Paddle Logger is an easy to use tracking application with lots of innovative features designed specifically for water sports. It has a clean look and I believe it is less clunky than other GPS apps on the market. It has a large clean interface that allows you to start and stop your track with a single tap. Paddle Logger also has the functionality to delay your start, so you can stow your phone safely and then go. As the app can be configured on dry land before getting out on the water or having to battle through surf, reducing risk of water damage to your device and improving the accuracy of your trip data.

The app records time, date, distance and has various speed modes, plus it will provide a summary of your paddle session. You can also take photos of your journey and drop pins at your location. The Paddle Logger also features a nice map which plots the route that you paddled. Your route is saved onto a map making it easy to analyze and share!

The Paddle Logger app appeals to several end users, it could be those who are training for a season of racing, or just heading out on a multi-day expedition or just getting on the water having fun with your friends.

Paddle Logger is designed by paddlers for paddlers, I was in constant conversation with users who are paddlers when developing the app. It is thanks to their feedback that we have such a great app. This app can be used in conjunction with the Apple Watch 2 or later so you can leave your phone on land.

What does the future hold for Paddle Logger?

We have just had rebranding and are pushing ahead with a few changes. In the next few months we are looking to release a version that will have a party in trouble (PiT) functionality. This is essentially a land anchor so you can be located by a designated 3rd party. The user will be able to configure start times and estimated finish times for their paddle session into the app so if there is any delay a message will be sent to your designated 3rd party. The app will then go into a “red escalation” mode meaning that the 3rd party can locate your whereabouts on a map, plus a message will be sent to them with your last known location. It is an ideal function for those who paddle solo. This is all ready to be rolled out, we are on the brink of releasing it, so watch this space! This will be offered on a subscription package just like other GPS and tracking apps.

Where can paddlers can hold of the Paddle Logger app?

It is only available on iOS through the Apple App Store, you can also find it and some awesome clothing via our website.

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