Pacific Paddle Games: Day 2 Recap, Waves, Carnage and Immense Paddling

Day 2 of the Pacific Paddle Games kicked off with all the technical races. Paddlers entered the water and paddled in around a series of buoys before running up the steep beach and entering the finish chicane. In windless conditions with a solid 1 m swell, the men’s open and women’s open paddlers were unleashed with a heap of local paddlers taking prizes. Next up were the groms who all impressed with a 1 lap race, racers in under 11 , 12 – 14 and 15 – 17 age classes well represented and out in force displaying some strong paddling in the 1 m plus swell.

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Pro Time Paddle

Next on the play list was the Men’s Pro Technical semi finals, with all to play in a dropping tide and increase swell conditions the scene was set for exciting paddling. 15 paddlers were present in each heat with only 10 from each going through to the final being held later on that day.

Photo Credit: Aaron Black-Schmidt

The 1st men’s semi final had an electric atmosphere and showcased some intense paddling skills. Throughout the 3 mile race huge sets rained down on the paddlers, notably one that came through just after the 2nd turn taking out most of the field. Frenchman Martin Vitry managed to escape the carnage and came away unscathed followed by danish paddler Casper Seinfath. There was all kinds of chaos going on! The main action squared on French man Martin, who did not let Casper get away constantly switching positions, the duelling pair were soon joined by Brazilian dark house Guilherme Dos Reis, who went on to win the heat.

Photo Credit: Aaron Black-Schmidt

The 1st semi-final heat set the tone for the 2nd heat, the waves decimated the field, tomb stoning 14ft boards, the waves soon got every ones attention.  From the start local Hermosa paddler Danny Ching set the pace breaking free from the pack with Lincoln Dews, Titouan Puyo and Arthur Arutkin all coming in within the top 4.

Photo Credit: JP Van Swae

The final was dog fight between Paddle League contender Lincoln Dews and Connor Baxter, with Guilherme Dos Reis and Mo Freitas ramping up the pressure. At times the Brazillian paddler Gui, Lincoln and Connor  all interchanged their position, until eventually the last circuit which saw Connor kill his buoy turn and accelerate into the lead. Nothing was going to stop the Maui based paddler from taking the victory!

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The Brazilian dark horse Guilherme Dos Reis did all he could to catch up to Connor but it just wasn’t enough he came in 2nd with Arthur Arutkin coming in 3rd and Lincoln Dews coming in 4th.  The combined placing of the Deep paddler Lincoln meant that he took the combined Doheny crown and the paddle league title, rounding off a great end to the season (only the APP Red Bull heavy water left).

#PPG2018 Day 2 – Connor Baxter put in an epic performance to take the Men's Technical Racr Final! Starboard SUP

Posted by TotalSUP on Sunday, October 7, 2018

Womens Technical Race

The women’s semi finals had been concluded the day before so the finals were the main race.  The race got off to an explosive start with Starboard rider Fiona Wylde in the lead followed by Terrene Black. The 1st lap saw these two riders going neck and neck riding a wave to the first buoy. Meanwhile infinity team mates Shae Foudy and Candice Appleby were in 3rd and 4th position around the the hammer buoy until a wave took them out, Candice managed to get back on her board and quickly turn to start her assault on the Fiona and Terrene.

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Mid way through the race Fiona was still in contention for 1st place, with Terrene and Candice in 2nd and 3rd place, then out of nowhere Candice took a wave to slingshot herself past Fiona and grab the lead.  Once in the lead Candice powered down and made sure she had this one in the bag to claim the title of Queen of Doheny.

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Meanwhile the fight for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place was still happening, local girl Shae Foudy came in 2nd to make it an infinity 1st and 2nd place, with Fiona Wylde in 3rd and Terrene in 4th.

Breaking News! #PPG2018 Day 2: Candice Appleby lifts the Doheny Technical Crown!

Posted by TotalSUP on Sunday, October 7, 2018

APP Announcement

The APP Tour announced post race that it will now add the Pacific Paddle Games as official stop on World Tour for 2019 and beyond. This event will become a part of our US Open including New York, San Francisco and, now, Dana Point for the greatest showcase in the history of the sport of SUP!


Womens Technical Race Results

1st: Candice Appleby (0:28:35) USA
2nd: Shae Foudy (0:28:49) USA
3rd: Fiona Wylde (0:29:29) USA
4th: Terrene Black (0:29:54) Australia
5th: Seychelle (0:30:11) USA
6th: Olivia Piana (0:30:15) France
7th: Jade Howson (0:37:42) USA
8th: Melanie Lafenetre (0:30:52) France
9th: Sonni Honscheid (0:31:26) Germany
10th: April Zilg (0:31:51) USA
11th: Jordan Mercer (0:31:57) Australia
12th: Yuka Sato (0:33:45) Japan
13th: Susak Molinero (0:33:46) Spain
14th: Caterina Stenta (0:34:25) Italy
15th: Abby Baker (0:34:41) USA
16th: Lara Claydon (0:34:44) Hawaii
17th: Emma Reijmerink (0:35:24) Netherlands
18th: Chloe Walkerdene (0:35:47) Australia
19th: Lina Augaitis (0:36:33) Canada
20th: Jenn Lee (0:39:01) USA

Mens Technical Race Results

1st: Connor Baxter (0:23:41) Hawaii
2nd: Guilherme dos Reis (0:23:47) Brazil
3rd: Arthur Arutkin (0:23:51) France
4th: Lincoln Dews (0:24:09) Australia
5th: Mo Freitas (0:24:27) Hawaii
6th: Michael Booth (0:24:44) Australia
7th: Martin Vitry (0:24:52) France
8th: Danny Ching (0:24:53) USA
9th: Tom Auber (0:24:55) France
10th: Daniel Hasulyo (0:24:56) Hungary
11th: Casper Steinfath (0:25:15) Denmark
12th: Titouan Puyo (0:25:42) France
13th: Bruno Hasulyo (0:25:42) Hungary
14th: Josh Riccio (0:25:52) USA
15th: Kenny Kaneko (0:25:53) Japan
16th: Matt Nottage (0:25:54) Australia
17th: Trevor Tunnington (0:25:56) New Zealand
18th: Slater trout (0:25:58) USA
19th: Christian Andersen (0:26:00) Denmark
20th: Zane Schweitzer (0:26:40) Hawaii

Overall Events Standings


1st: Candice Appleby
2:Fiona Wylde
3: Shae Foudy
4: Seychelle


1st: Lincoln Dews
2nd: Guilherme dos Reis
3rd: Arthur Arutkin
4th: Michael Booth

For full results follow this link


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