Rewatch all the action of Day 2 from the technical race Men’s semi-finals to the finals and the podiums!


MEN’s Technical Race Final
1st Mo Freitas
2nd Casper Steinfath
3rd Kody Kerbox
4th Connor Baxter
5th Travis Grant
6th Zane Schweitzer
7th Chuck Glynn
8th Kai Lenny
9th Martin Letourneur
10th Giorgio Gomez
11th Danny Ching
12th Kelly Margetts
13th Josh Riccio
14th Felipe Rodriguez
15th Titouan Puyo
16th Noa Ginella
17th Bullet Obra
18th Lincoln Dews
19th Justin Bing
20th Vinnicius Martins
21st Paul Jackson
22nd Kenny Kaneko
23rd Thomas King
24th Michael Booth
25th Jayden Jensen
26th Brennan Rose
27th Benoit Carpentier
28th Arthur Arutkin

WOMEN’s Technical Race Final
1st Candice Appleby
2nd Annabel Anderson
3rd Fiona Wylde
4th Terrene Black
5th Sonni Honscheid
6th Shae Foudy
7th Lexi Alston
8th April Zilg
9th Angela Jackson
10th Talia Decoite
11th Tarryn King
12th Bayley Rosen
13th Penelope Strickland
14th Victoria Burgess
15th Silvia Mecucci
16th Lori Park
DNF Sophia Tiare Bartlow

MEN’s Technical Race Semi Finals

Semi-Final 1
1st Titouan Puyo
2nd Travis Grant
3rd Justin Bing
4th Danny Ching
5th Arthur Arutkin
6th Giorgio Gomez
7th Kody Kerbox
8th Connor Baxter
9th Vinnicius Martins
10th Ryan Helm
11th Zane Schweitzer
12th Brennan Rose
13th Chuck Glynn
14th Martin Letourneur
15th Paul Jackson

Semi-Final 2
1st Casper Steinfath
2nd Kai Lenny
3rd Mo Freitas
4th Jayden Jensen
5th Lincoln Dews
6th Noa Ginella
7th Keny Kaneko
8th Josh Riccio
9th Felipe Rodriguez
10th Noa Hopper
11th Michael Booth
12th Thomas King
13th Bullet Opra
14th Kelly Margetts
15th Benoit Carpentier

Long Distance
MEN’s Results

1st Connor Baxter
2nd Danny Ching
3rd Casper Steinfath
4th Jake Jensen
5h Travis Grant
6th Arthur Arutkin
7th Michael Booth
8th Mo Freitas
9th Chuck Glynn
10th Beau O’Brian
11th Kody Kerbox
12th Titouan Puyo
13th Georges Cronsteadt
14th Martin Letourneur
15th Matt Nottag
16th Slater Trout
17th Kai Lenny
18th Fernando Stalla
19th Vinnicius Martins
20th Kelly Margetts
21st Giorgio Gomez
22nd Felipe Rodriguez
23rd Josh Riccio
24th Kenny Kaneko
25th Eric Terrien
26th Brennan Rose
27th Chase Kosterlitz
28th Jayden Jensen
29th Ryan Helm
30th Bicho Jimenez
31st Bullet Obra
32nd Zane Schweitzer
33rd Lincoln Dews
34th Gregory Closier
35th Jeramie Vaine
36th Tomoya Murabayashi
37th Niuhiti Buillard
38th Tucker Ingalls
39th Paul Jackson
40th Justin Bing
41st Chance Fielder
42nd Thomas King
43rd Matt Arensman
44th Tommy Buday
45th Alexandre Rouys
46th Kione Dahlin
47th Jay Wild
48th Cyril Burguiere
49th Mandin Jeremie
50th Rodney Ellis
51st Corey Taylor
52nd Christopher Norman
53rd James Donovan
54th Alex Look
55th Alex Matero
56th Byron Kurt
57th Garrett Fletcher
58th Jedd Hasay
59th William Swezey Jr
60th Daniel Russell
61st Michael Tavares
62nd Jarkko Simonen
63rd Brent Campbell
64th Brian Schmid
65th Alex Madonado
66th Ryan Knysh
67th Robbie Brink
68th Billy Miller
69th Buzzy Kerbox
70th Tim Burke

Long Distance – Women’s 
1st Candice Appleby
2nd Angela Jackson
3rd Shae Foudy
4th Annabel Anderson
5th Wylde Fiona
6th Terrene Black
7th Lexi Alston
8th Sophia Tiare Bartlow
9th Shelby Taylor
10th Sonni Hoenscheid
11th April Zilg
12th Penelope Strickland
13th Tarryn King
14th Céline Guesdon
15th Alyson Fromm
16th Bailey Rosen
17th Victoria Burgess
18th Krisztina Zur
19th Silvia Mecucci
20th Talia Decoite
21st Mab Mab


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