Malmö Ocean Race 2023: Yster SUP to unveil a new all-water board series for long distance paddling

The Malmö Ocean Race, Sweden’s premier SUP racing event, is set to thrill spectators and participants alike at Sibbarp Beach, Limhamn, on 3-4 June.

As the second event in the action-packed Svenska SUP Race Serien 2023 calendar, Malmö Ocean Race promises a unique and challenging experience for elite and junior SUP athletes set against the stunning backdrop of the Öresund Bridge connecting Sweden and Denmark.

Featuring distance, sprint, beach, and technical formats for all age divisions, the race is part of the Swedish Championships with double ranking points that serve as a National Team qualifier.

Photo credit: Malmö Ocean Race

Per Vallbo, Founder and CEO of Yster SUP, a premium Swedish SUP brand based in Malmö, and the event sponsor, said, “As a proud sponsor of the upcoming Malmö Ocean Race in Yster’s hometown of Malmö, I am stoked to announce that we will be showcasing our new series of all-water boards at the event. These boards have been specially designed for long-distance paddling in all water conditions. They are the perfect choice for paddlers who want to spend extended periods on the water with their board, requiring directional stability and glide – great for all straight-line disciplines ranging from 100 m sprint to The Yukon 1000.”

Photo credit: Malmö Ocean Race

Vallbo adds, “The features of the all-water boards provide the confidence to tackle even the most demanding paddling environments, such as those encountered at the Malmö Ocean Race with its signature 12 km event. The Öresund channel between Sweden and Denmark offers an incredibly unpredictable waterway, with strong winds, currents, and waves coming from all directions.”

Yster SUP Founder, Per Vallbo, testing the channel waters

Patrick ‘Paddy’ Boyum, Race Director, endurance paddler, and SUP athlete, shared his vision about Malmö Ocean Race:

“My primary vision behind the event is to get people out on the ocean. Most Swedes choose sheltered waters when they go paddling. Many of our races have been on lakes, rivers, and creeks, which gets us into trouble when we go to races in, say, Denmark or even Poland last year. We must get the sport back out on the moving surface rather than play safe in our duck pond. I paddle on the ocean all year around, as does Lucas. Second to this, I want to run the race where lots of people can see the action going on. Malmö has an abundance of public beaches and green spaces, allowing us to race close to shore in deep waters with non-stop action. We have a small sandy beach which will work as a start and finish zone and a running area. We have some, if not all of the best, in Scandinavia coming. Thomas Nilsen from Norway just signed up. Asger Smith and Linus Karlsson are both coming. Lucas is on, so it will be a tight race for the podium.” (Editor’s note: Lucas Boyum, Paddy’s son and an accomplished SUP athlete).

Photo credit: Malmö Ocean Race

To learn more about the Malmö Ocean Race and to register, visit Malmö Ocean Race.

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