Lost Mills 2015 : 8 facts to remember

One of the most disputed races of the year, Lost Mills 2015, in Bavaria, Germany, was a week-end event full of actions and surprises in and out of the water. Here is our top 8 !
(Photos: Surfstadl Ammersee / Euro Tour)

1. Sonni Hönscheid : Number 1

Sonni is the only unbeaten rider of the Euro Tour with 3 participations. The German (and Canary Islands raised) S.I.C. Maui athlete has won all three of her european events in the last three weeks (Mallorca, Sainte Maxime and now Lost Mills) and it doesn't look like she is getting tired. Let's see how Bilbao is going to treat her … or rather, how she is going to treat Bilbao. 

2. Trevor Tunnington: revelation

The 18-year old Australian schoolboy took everyone by surprise.  And yep, “schoolboy”, not a nickname, not pulling his leg either, Trevor still goes to school and flew out of and back in his native Sunshine Coast (north of Brisbane, on the Australian west coast) just for Lost Mills 2015 and a long week-end of SUP action in Bavaria. Trevor took part in Lost Mills last year (4th in sprints and 18th in the long distance) and knew he could do well this year. It turns out “well” is an understatement for the Starboard rider who crushed the competition in the 200m sprints with a huge 2 seconds lead over Casper Steinfath (2nd) and Jake Jensen (3rd) in the final. And to prove that this wasn't just some sort of accident, he finished 3rd of the Long Distance a few seconds behind one of his idols, Connor Baxter. In an interview with TotalSUP straight after his Fastest Paddler On Earth victory, Trevor Tunnington confessed having a preference for sprint distances up to 5,000 meters. I think he was just being modest. 

3. Lina Augaitis, Fastest Paddler On Earth two years in a row… and pregnant (Yay!)

Lina Augaitis didn't have it as easy in the Women's as Trevor Tunnington in the Men's though. Only 2 tenths of a second separate her from Angela Jackson. Lina also won the Slalom the next day but had to pull out of the Long Distance race minutes before the race started because she was not feeling well. She later on publicly announced the good news and her tough choice. You can read more about it on her blog: – Big congratulations to the future mummy!

4. Full Starboard Podium

Connor Baxter 1st, Titouan Puyo 2nd, Trevor Tunnington 3rd. That's a full Starboard Podium right there. And a diverse one too with Hawaï, France and Australia represented. Brand-wise, can you get a better result than that?? … well, you could actually, Starboard is nowhere to be seen on the women's podium, although Fiona Wylde (5th), winner of her first Euro Tour start at the St Ives Bay Celtic Cup, is not very far. 

5. Mathieu Rauzier and the Starboard Sprint 

Behind that Starboard podium, lurks the shadow of french designer Mathieu Rauzier (booh!) and his devilish 2015 Sprint race board of which he is the author. Indeed, it is not only a 100% Starboard podium, it is also a 100% Starboard Sprint 14' x 23 podium. Earlier this year, Mathieu Rauzier had a gut feeling that the Starboard Sprint could be the flatwater board of the year. This week-end's results and all the podiums the Sprint has already accumulated worldwide so far – and not only in flat conditions – seem to prove him right. 

6. 15 top finishers in 1 minute 30 seconds

Can you squeeze more racers in 1 and a half minute? At the end of an 18 K race? Seeing Fernando Stalla arriving 15th, you might think that he under performed. Look twice. The attendance and the level in Lost Mills was so high, that the race finish looked pretty much like a Cannes Festival red carpet. 

1. Connor Baxter 1:49:26
2. Titouan Puyo 1:49:29
3. Trevor Tunnington 1:49:32
4. Arthur Arutkin 1:49:38
5. Georges Cronsteadt 1:50:00
6. Leonard Nika 1:50:03
7. Davide Ionico 1:50:07
8. Jake Jensen 1:50:21
9. Chase Kosterlitz 1:50:40
10. Eric Terrien 1:50:41
11. Bicho Jimenez 1:50:43
12. Casper Steinfath 1:50:48
13. Martin Letourneur 1:50:53
14. Davide Codotto 1:50:58
15. Fernando Stalla 1:51:01

7. Another  Euro Tour podium for Céline Guesdon

Céline Guesdon, the french champion on BIC SUP, who finished 4th of the ISA world championships 3 weeks ago, jumped on the podium in 3rd place at the Sainte Maxime SUP Race Cup last week and reiterated in Lost Mills. She arrives only 5 seconds behind Angela Jackson.

8. New SUP board brand ONE SUP by NoahNic makes it straight to the podium

After departing from Fanatic at the end of last year and being seen racing on Starboard Sprints in Australia earlier this year, many were wondering who, or rather what boards, Angela and Paul Jackson were now racing with. Well, it turns out, Lost Mills was not only their Euro Tour debuts but also the international beginnings of their own new brand: ONE SUP. And what a start! Angie gets a 2nd place in both the sprints and the long distance. More about ONE SUP in an upcoming interview with Paul and Angela Jackson here on TotalSUP. 

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Next stop of the Euro Tour: Bilbao !

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