London stop of the APP World Tour moved to the 16-18 September 2022

The APP World Tour team has just announced that the London  SUP Open event has been moved and will now take place on the 16-18 September 2022. Here’s the official APP World Tour statement:

“Due to the intensive strike action across all rail and underground in London that has been announced for the entirety of the London SUP Open’s scheduled event date, it has become impossible to keep to this original date. As a result, we have spent the past days working with Canary Wharf, TFL (Transport for London) and other London authorities to find a solution and we have managed to reschedule for the 16th – 18th September.

While it is frustrating to have to move the date at this stage, we believe that the new dates represent the best solution for APP Athletes falling between the ICF event in Poland (7th – 11th September) and APP event in Korea (23rd – 25th September).

APP Athletes will also benefit from the APP’s board transport solution that will now pick up in Poland and bring to London and then move onto Korea, before coming back to Europe for its events in Paris and Alicante in early December.

Meanwhile for UK residents and general participation, it will provide a hassle free solution that avoids the nightmare that industrial action has and continues to create on London’s transport system.

For any questions regarding travel plans, logistics or other surrounding the London SUP Open, please email us at

We look forward to seeing everyone in London and to making this an incredible experience for the entire APP community.”

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