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If you’re looking for the LIVE FEEDS of THE LAKE ROCKS FESTIVAL, you’re at the right spot! Scroll down to find the two livestream players set for the two main races of the weekend. If for any reason, we encounter any technical issue, try your luck on the SUP Alps Trophy YouTube Channel. Note that there is no Facebook Livestream this time.

The last time I checked, 269 SUP Racers from 18 nations (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Australia, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Great Britain, Cuba and Thailand) were registered for the many races of THE LAKE ROCKS FESTIVAL 2023, Stop #1 of the SUP Alps Trophy, and an ICF SUP World Ranking event as far as Saturday’s 12km Long Distance and Sunday’s Sprint competition are concerned!

Here are the top male athletes I’ve identified so far: Bruno Hasulyo, Ludovic Teulade, Andrey Kraytor, Donato Freens, Paolo Marconi, Blue Ewer, Kaeland Lockhart, Manuel Lauble, Daan Meily, Filippo Mercuriali, Normen Webber, Samuel Peška, Ole Schwarz, Joep Van Bakel, Damodara Mochniuk, Filippo Alberti, Christian Taucher, Holger Hassenpflug, Viktor Zöllner…

As for the top female athletes: Cecilia Pampinella, Anna Tschirky, Susak Molinero, Tanja Ecker, RĂ©ka Slekta, Skadi Langbein, Josephina Karst, Susanne Eder-Meyer, Petra Pyffrader, Saera Oddera…

SATURDAY, May 19 – 12.20 pm (local Austria time)

SUNDAY, May 20 – 11.15 am (local Austria time)

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