Introducing the LIGHTBOARDCORP® PARADOXA with the Maker Gerd Weisner

LIGHTBOARDCORP® PARADOXA, the new racing board in carbon hollow construction, made its debut at the SUP Alps Trophy 2023 SUPALOT competition arriving by plane just before the event and it was a board launch with a bang! Straight out of the box and into the race, the Light Board Corp Team Rider Peter Weidert, used the blue PARADOXA model and took the 1st and 2nd place in the 3k and 10k distance races.

Photo credit: Andy Klotz Photography / SUP Alps Trophy

​“For me this is the most sexy SUP race board in the world. The technology behind it is a world’s first in SUP construction. It’s versatility is huge and as a flatware design it can handle rough conditions. Simply speaking it’s very stable and super fast. How comes that? Usually boards are either stable or fast – that’s why it’s the  PARADOXA,” says Gerd Weisner, lifelong watersports professional, SUP Champion and Co-Founder of the Light Board Corp, the pioneers in hollow construction.

Greg fell in love fell in love with the super-lightweight raw version of the PARADOXA in the black & red combo and took the 3rd and 6th place in the distance races at the SUPALOT event.

“The stance is under waterline and I was a bit scared if this works our in real race conditions. But in combination with our drainage valve system I kept the standing area dry in both races from start to finish. This design feature and the wider tail create a very comfortable stability (both 1st and secondary stability) The total weight including accessories handles, deck pad, fin is below 10kg. I could immediately feel the stiffness of the hull, especially at the start I could accelerate much easier. First strokes the board takes on top speed so fast.”

Photo credit: Andy Klotz Photography / SUP Alps Trophy

“I’m 54 years and train a lot but as I always repeat: ‘sprint is no country for old men’, I have to admit this was fun. My Garmin mentioned a start top speed of 14,1 kmh. During the race we had mixed conditions from flat with low wind to windblasts of 40kmh. The board performed in all these conditions but really shines when there’s one type of water. The front entry is a bit sharper and the tail a wider block. It has a very wide sweet spot and keeps a balanced waterline in all kind of strokes. With the wider tail it is easy to turn and feels lively.”

Photo credit: Andy Klotz Photography / SUP Alps Trophy

LIGHTBOARDCORP® PARADOXA UD: New shape focused on speed and stability

“We are not a company that releases new models year by year, instead we have been working on new ideas, technology and extraordinary shapes. I‘m happy to announce the release of another Lighthouse SUPrace board that will suit 95% of flatwater racers in regards to extraordinary acceleration & speed, low weight, incredible stability and stiffness – welcome PARADOXA!,” said Greg.

“In comparison to the Mantra 2.0 we arranged a wider tail and gave the front part in the first 50cm a more narrow outline. The magic rocker line is based on the super-fast Mantra 23.2 with slight adjustments to meet the targeted paddler weight. The center bottom has a subtle concave with edges gradually running from round to really sharp in the tail. This creates more 1st stability without sacrificing wetted surface which creates drag.”

“The rocker line features a flat center line and straight low rocker in the last 1/3rd which makes the board a wash riding giant even in the 2nd and 3rd wave and will save energy when needed. This shape handles wind waves and chop with the all new exaggerated “V-round” front bottom and you can easily overtake small waves cutting through instead of paddling above.”

“The dugout stance is below waterline and the most radical design available in serial production. This is possible due to the function of our drainage valve system which lets water out but not in. This stance position creates additional stability and better leverage and power to your blade. The sidewalls are high to prevent water entry in rougher conditions and slim enough to offer huge standing options.”

​”The sideline is heavily tapered in the back to prevent water entry while turning.
Overall flex is super stiff, way far from what you know from premium eps core carbon boards. Our new UD – AUTOCLAVE UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON PREPREG TECHNOLOGY in hollow construction has 4 layers of unidirectional carbon around the center high density foam layer. The curing process is accurately managed under pressure and heat in AUTOCLAVE technology. Every stroke will push you forward and you will not lose energy in flex.

The new PREPREG UD technology is not only superior in speed but also the most ECO FRIENDLY way to manufacture – no eps core, no wet lamination and excess resin.”


  • New radical low-center deck stance – under waterline – combined with drainage valve system
  • New tail shape optimizing stability and easyness of turning – wider tail block with tapered thickness
  • Hard tail edges to create the least possible interference releasing the water
  • Optimized sleek v-round nose shape to reduce drag
  • New s-style deck contour to reduce water entry at buoy turns
  • Eco friendly AUTOCLAVE UNIDIRECTIONAL CARBON PREPREG TECHNOLOGY: This technology is based on premium production standards developed for aerospace and formula racing cars. 4 layers of epoxy resin impregnated unidirectional carbon fiber with a closed cell high density PVC foam in the center are layed up in the mold. There is no wet lamination necessary as the curing happens in autoclave technology using 4-5 times atmospheric pressure + heat which melts the resin and bonds all layers far more accurate compared to wet lamination process. Light Board Corp new UD PREPREG technology is far more eco friendly than conventional build sup race boards. No styrofoam core, less harmful lamination process, no excess epoxy resin and guaranteed precision to bond each fiber leads to longevity, precise shapes and higher performance. While paddling each stroke energy is transmitted to forward momentum.

“The board was tested by many paddlers, not only Light Board Corp Team Riders and the feedback was purely positive. Just ask Jörg Bossack, Timo Haage (hehe back again where you belong ), Arnd Dünzinger, Michele Capizzi… I especially remember two paddlers from east Germany that tested all kind of leading race boards and finally took a spin on the PARADOXA. And their feedback was: ‘Now my idea of what has been the benchmark in race boards is totally broken’, concluded Gerd. “I’m excited to see what Donato Freens, Normen Weber or Kaelan Lockhart will do on the PARADOXA on the elite level.”


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*Content source: LIGHTBOARDCORP® x Gerd Weisner Press Release 

All images courtesy of Gerd Weisner x LIGHTBOARDCORP®

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