Jeramie Vaine: “My Dream Role at Surftech”

California-based brand Surftech is growing and has just signed with a new ambassador / team manager. Massachusetts-born rider Jeramie Vaine is now part of the team and will manage the riders of Surftech International and NSP North America.

What will be your role at Surftech?

It is a dream role. I am becoming Team Manager for Surftech International and NSP North America.

To have the opportunities to work with so many talented athletes is truly a once in a lifetime chance. And our athletes are not just talented but bring so much to their communities.

We have surf, prone, race, adventure, fishing, yoga, river and pretty much anything that has water. We paddle it. And get others to do the same.

How did this opportunity come about?

Ryan Guay, the VP of sales and I have known each other for a long time, and with Surftech and NSP making a lot of moves, Ryan reached out and asked if I would be interested to work alongside this amazing team. The answer was an easy one, as both these companies are industry pioneers and leaders.

Can you introduce your team to us?

We have about 30 riders under the Surftech and/or NSP America banner for the moment, both male and female. Most of them are riding SUP, but we have a few who use a prone.

Chris Hollingsworth, Trent Carter, Rand Carter, Bodie Shandro, Bill Kraft, Matt Anderson, Morgan Hoesterey and Meg Bosi are among those on our team.

Can you present Surftech?

The history runs deep. So many shapers and designers brought together.

And to quote our website, “Shaping the Art of Technology: Surftech was founded in 1989 in a quest to find and utilize new technologies that would bring game improvement to surfers of all abilities everywhere.

We build boards for many of the best and most popular surfboard brands on the planet and we were the first to do it! Today we continue to employ the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques available.

We continue to push every boundary utilized in manufacturing, while also attaining a high level of sustainability. We build what others can only dream of doing.”

Our brands are: Bark prone and Stand Up, NSP North America Surf and Stand Up. We also have a host of legendary shapers distributed. From the likes of Channel Islands to Mickey Munoz.

How will you combine your work for Surftech and your life as a rider?

My life has been and will continue to be about traveling. Surftech has been amazing in continuing to support this endeavor.

Now helping to connect me with their vast family throughout the world. From racing to SUP yoga, teaching learn to paddle classes and demos. That’s what’s on the schedule for the summer.

As I write this I’m sitting in West Virginia about to kick off Wanderlust Snowshoe. And wrapping up 2 weeks on the road, bringing me through the southeast. The WPA Paddle Championships for a race and a demo at Paddle Up Nashville.

I’ll be in Massachusetts for the first half of the summer then West Coast bound for the second half. It’ll be a living like a nomad for the year. And I’m stoked. Because it connects me with so many radical people in incredible places.

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