ISA World SUP Championship 2017 – Long Distance Results & Video Recap

Video recap of the Long Distance Race at the ISA World SUP Championship in Copenhagen, Denmark, where defending men’s champion Michael Booth was unable to fend off stiff competition which left Bruno Hasulyo, Connor Baxter and Titouan Puyo in the top spots. On the women’s side, the impressive strides made by Annabel Anderson, Sonni Hönscheid and Olivia Piana landed them the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively. Check out the video recap below:

Rewatch the full live action here:

Results – ISA World Championship Long Distance


Long Distance Women’s Top 10

  1. Annabel Anderson
  2. Sonni Hönscheid
  3. Olivia Piana
  4. Fiona Wylde
  5. Amandine Chazot
  6. Terrene Black
  7. Laura Quetglas
  8. Susak Molinero
  9. Erika Benitez
  10. Manca Notar


Long Distance Men’s Top 10

  1. Bruno Hasulyo
  2. Connor Baxter
  3. Titouan Puyo
  4. Daniel Hasulyo
  5. Mo Freitas
  6. Arthur Arutkin
  7. Martino Rogai
  8. Paolo Marconi
  9. Michael Booth
  10. Trevor Tunnington

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