ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship Day 1: Results of Men’s SUP SURF Round 1

Following the open ceremony of the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship. The afternoon kicked off with the Men’s SUP Surfing event. A total of 12 heats provided an exciting start to the event with chest to head high waves at the renowned left point break of Riyue Bay.
Photo Credit: Sean Evans
USA’s two-time SUP Surfing Gold Medalist Sean Poynter was the standout of the day, earning the highest wave score (9.43) and highest heat total (17.60). Brazil’s Luiz Diniz, the defending Gold Medalist, also was a top performer, following Poynter’s heat total with the second highest of the day, 17.30.
Photo Credit: Sean Evans
Round 2 of the main event is set to be mouth watering with every rider out with something to prove. All eyes will be on Heat #6 with both French riders Alexis Deniel and Benoit Carpentier battling it out, as well as former chmapion Luiz Diniz, South African Thomas King is no slouch either!
The Schedule for Saturday 23rd November is as follows:
8:00 AM Womens SUP Surf
10:40 AM Mens SUP Surf – Round 2
12:40 PM Womens SUP surf – Round 2
2:00 PM Mens SUP Surf – Repechage Round 2
3:30 PM Womens SUP Surf – Repechage Round 1
4:30 PM Mens SUP  Surf – Repechage Round 2
*(Times are GMT + 8 hours)
Photo Credit: Sean Evans

Here are the results of Men’s SUP Surf 1st Round

The 1st two riders go through to the next round, the last in the heat goes into the repechage round,  both rounds are to be held on Saturday 23rd November.

Heat #1

  1. Riki Honkoshi (JPN)
  2. Christian Andersen (DEN)
  3. Cheng-Fu Chu (TPE)

Heat #2

  1. Jamie Andrew (NZL)
  2. Patrick Boyum (SWE)
  3. Yaroslav Klovov (RUS)

Heat #3

  1. Daniel Hughes (USA)
  2. Matthew Maxwell (RSA)
  3. Franco Bono Perez (CHI)

Heat #4

  1. Nic Walker (AUS)
  2. Oscar Ruiz (ESP)
  3. Matt Argyle (GBR)

Heat #5

  1. Harry Maskell (AUS)
  2. Dan Tarnow (CAN)
  3. Adam Schell (CAN)

Heat #6

  1. Sean Poynter (USA)
  2. Kai-Nicolas Steimer (GER)
  3.  Felipe Pizarro Sanchez (CHI)

Heat #7

  1. Sean Hovell (NZL)
  2. Carsten Kurmis (GER)
  3. Sergei Shubin (RUS)

Heat #8

  1. Leonard Nika (ITA)
  2. Claudia Nika (ITA)
  3. WU, Chia-Ju (TPE)

Heat #9

  1. Juan de los Reyez (ESP)
  2.  Benoit Carpentier (FRA)
  3. Aaron Rowe (GBR)

Heat #10

  1. Alexis Deniel (FRA)
  2. Linus Thuresson (SWE)
  3. Steeve Fleury (SUI)

Heat #11

  1. Caio Vaz (BRA)
  2. Thomas King (RSA)
  3. Cai Weiliang (CHN)

Heat #12

  1. Luiz Diniz (BRA)
  2. Toshihiro Harada (JPN)
  3. Wen Huang (CHN)

Full Results here

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