Infinity SUP 2020 Quiver: A dive into progressive SUP surf shapes and foil board design

Dedicated to custom innovation, Infinity SUP specializes in high end – high performance SUP designs for both surf and race. The new quiver is expected to land in May 2020 and TotalSUP had a unique opportunity to chat with Infinity’s Nate Smieja about enhanced designs and the 2020 collection which is now available to pre-order.

Hi Nate, could you tell us more about the new Infinity 2020 quiver?

The 2020 quiver has staying power. The surf shapes are anchored by The New Deal, it’s a longboard SUP design and our most demanded model. New for 2020 is a shorter 8’ x 28” and 8’6” x 29” model geared towards high lines and holding carving turns. Izzy Gomez won her 5th APP World Title on the performance surf B Line design, 2020 offers her well-known checkered pattern. For the emerging SUP surfer we’ve also retooled our PVC construction in the Round Nose Blurr shape hitting a retail price of $1195; a way to capture the Round Nose Blurr’s speed at an economical price. The Blurr V2 is our second most popular selling board of 2019 and we added a new size, 8’2” x 30” at 115 litres.


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The overall Blackfish design has been enhanced with some small refinements not too far off the 2019 design but we are very happy with the results with Itzel Delgado taking home Silver at the ISA World Paddlegames on a 2020 prototype. Most notably we’ve added in the Blackfish Dugout which falls in line with market and team rider demand. This board will sure add to the Blackfish championship pedigree.


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The Whiplash also sees a refined design, most notably Dave Boehne’s “step” pin tail design evolved to a tighter, small square tail exit which we are finding the most balanced release yet for that flat water glide.

The newest board in our line-up is the E Ticket. This model settles in the performance touring category and is meant as a high-quality and smooth gliding board for those long lake paddles, fitness regimes and open racers alike. It’s meant to offer better performance than your typical all-rounder and be a baseline entry into higher-end designs. It’s got an impressive “best in class” carabon/innegra construction at an unreal price.

You have some exciting shapes in the pipeline like the New Deal performance longboards. Who are they designed in mind with?

The 8’ and 8’6” New Deals are designed to bring the fun back, they fit many peoples needs in a performance style SUP design. They sit right in there size wise – not too small and not too big. You can throw in some nose riding while turning off the tail is excellent with the New Deal tail. A true hybrid shape that will become your go-to SUP Surf shapes. With the 8’ and 8’6” New Deals you’ll bring the fun back and be more keen to paddle out to that outer reef that is a chore on a smaller SUP. Due to the pulled in tail, thin rails and volume distribution you’ll still get the always coveted performance feel.

Could you tell us more about your new foil SUP board designs for 2020?

We’ve really been diving into foil board design here in California. The foil scene is strong with lots of influence and progression happening. We entered the foil board category with more of a beginner in mind but this year our line up has expanded to hit both beginners and advanced riders alike. Dave Boehne has been hard at work in the Infinity Custom Shop and the new Tombstone boards prone and SUP reflect his latest design integrations and premium carbon construction. These boards are light and so nice.

Thank you for your time and have an epic 2020!

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