Indiana 14′ DHC Race Dugout Hollow Carbon: Board review with Fred Ducry

From a lone rider on Lake Geneva to an international SUP athlete and Indiana Paddle & Surf Co. Team Rider, Fred Ducry’s story reminds us what the sport of stand-up paddleboarding stands for –  freedom and fun.

TotalSUP caught up with this versatile rider to chat about his SUP journey and his weapon of choice, the Indiana 14′ DHC Dugout Hollow Carbon race board.

Photo by Alexis Fernet / Very Flat Race 2023 x Alpine Lakes Tour

Hi Fred, welcome to TotalSUP! You have an extensive watersport background and you’re an ISA SUP Instructor – Could you tell us more about yourself and how did your stand-up paddleboarding adventure start?

Hi! I’m 42 years old and I live with my wife and two daughters, in Switzerland, in the small town of Rolle on the shores of Lake Geneva. Even though the lake lacks a bit of salt, the scenery is beautiful with the Alps in the background. The sheer extent of the lake offers a wide variety of paddling conditions, from flat to stormy, allowing long downwind sessions and sometimes even SUP surf conditions.

I discovered SUP by chance in 2012, while walking by the lake. There was a test stand, I did a lap, a few turn attempts and I was immediately won over by the fun and freedom of this sport. That same year, I took a basic course and bought my first board. There weren’t many of us at the beginning, especially in Switzerland, SUP took off much later, so I paddled on Lake Geneva and the Mediterranean Sea alone.

Five years later, in 2017, I joined the SUP Club Nyon, located a few kilometers from my home. It was a warm welcome and the atmosphere was cool. It completely changed my vision and my approach to practicing SUP.

I am still a member of the club and also its committee member. Over the years, I have added other strings to my bow – I am a lifeguard, I do prone paddling and foiling. I’ve gained experience and skills thanks to the Swiss Stand-Up Paddle Association (ASSUP), the International Surfing Association (ISA) and especially the whole SUP community – many thanks for that!

When did you start thinking about getting involved in the competitive side of the sport?

Since I was a child, I took part in competitive sports, especially fencing and basketball. When I arrived at SUP Club Nyon, there was a weekly training structure with a group of racers including Steeve Fleury (10x Swiss SUP race champion and 1x Swiss SUP Surf champion). I immediately got hooked and started performance training.

I started with short distance racing, then after a few bigger ones, I was looking for more performance-focused challenges. I have set some championship goals for myself  (Swiss Marathon Paddle Cup) and the ultra-long distance (SUP 11 City Tour).

Photo by Edwin Westra / SUP11 City Tour 2022

What’s the coolest aspect of our sport?

There are so many 🙂 All of them have value. Freedom, you can SUP almost anywhere and all the time and above all you can go out in almost any weather conditions.

Diversity, there are so many disciplines in SUP: touring, racing, freestyle, downwind, surfing, foiling, etc. All of them are complementary and some provide a good dose of adrenaline.

Wellness – SUP allows you to be physically fit, activates all muscle groups and it’s a great cardio workout. On a mental level, the connection with water and nature frees you from all negative thoughts, you reconnect with yourself and with the elements.

On the social front, I meet great people and some of them have become friends. SUP is really, like other sports, a true lifestyle that makes you happy, brings you closer to nature and keeps you healthy.

Could you tell us about your collaboration with Indiana and becoming the Brand Ambassador?

I joined the Indiana family in 2019 as a Race Ambassador. The relationships with the team and Maurus Strobel (Indiana’s CEO) was immediately friendly and relaxed, very cool right off the bat. I have a lot of fun working with them, because they are responsive and look after their riders. The proximity of the headquarters in Oberrieden is also a great way to stay in touch.

I am proud to promote the brand, not only because the quality of their products, but also their dedication to innovation and continuous development, and the company’s philosophy: Living on the water. Being affiliated with the Surfrider Foundation Europe, Indiana is environmentally committed to take action.

As a racer, I am very lucky to be able to choose my board according to the type of race and the weather conditions. As a SUP instructor, I have the opportunity to introduce people to a wide range of disciplines and gear for SUP, foil, wing and more.

Photo by Alexis Fernet / Very Flat Race 2023 x Alpine Lakes Tour

We’d like to chat about your Indiana board set up – especially the Dugout Hollow Carbon 14’0 x 21.5 that you used at final stage of the Alpine Lakes Tour 2023? Could you tell us more about your experience with this board?

As mentioned before, I’m lucky enough to have a solid quiver of Indiana boards. Without mentioning them all, it ranges from a smaller 3’7 Pump Foil “Le Doigt” Carbon for pump foiling to 14’0 Open Water Race and 14’0 Dugout Hollow Carbon for SUP racing.

Before the 14’0 Dugout Hollow Carbon (DHC), I used the old Flat Water Race 14’0 from 2019 and 2020. These were flat-deck, lightweight construction boards with EPS foam core and carbon lamination. When we moved to the 14’0 DHC the difference was radical! I immediately felt like I was moving up a level.

I ride this board with two fins. The Indiana 7” Malfroid Race Fin is excellent for training as it is more difficult, it gives you confidence. The Indiana 7.5” Swiss Champ Race Fin is perfect for its race characteristics and provides increased stability in choppy conditions.

Is that your go to board for SUP racing?

Yes, I use it for all long-distance races on the lakes and of course for ultra-long distance races. At sea, I will use an Open Water 14′ x 23” and for the technical races my 12’6 x 23”. Unfortunately the 12’6 are no longer as popular while they still remain excellent boards, playful, explosive and very intuitive to paddle.

What are the key features that you look for in a board and does the Dugout Hollow Carbon 14’0 x 21.5 model meet them?

With my size (175cm / 73kg), I’m looking for volume but I also have to pay attention to the thickness, when a board is too thick will take more crosswind. The DHC 14’0 offers 345 L with a shape that takes the wind well, so I’m comfortable there.

To cover very long distances, I need a good glide but above all stability so I don’t tire my legs. Here too, the DHC 14’0 responds perfectly in terms of glide and stability thanks to a wide tail.

The board aesthetic is also an important aspect. This Indiana DHC 14’0 has its own particular style. The emphasis on carbon and the finishes, captures its racing spirit.

Could you share your thoughts on the following aspects of the Dugout Hollow Carbon 14’0 x 21.5 model:


High rails allow impressive angles and buoyancy. In gnarly situations the board quickly returns to its course. For long and ultra-long distances, the overall shape does not lead to fatigue.


From the first strokes of the paddle, thanks to the board’s light weight, the acceleration is instantly brings speed and traction.


With an effective paddle stroke, the feeling of flow and lift-off is well felt.

How it performs on flat vs choppy waters:

This DHC 14’0 is a real flat water board. This is where she excels the most. In choppy conditions, or even in small downwind, it provides good stability and the sharp nose allows you not to lose the rhythm and traction. Adding a deflector on the nose is also a good idea to deal with upwind conditions.

Photo by Alexis Fernet / Very Flat Race 2023 x Alpine Lakes Tour

Could this be a board for aspiring SUP racers just entering the competitive circuit?

When it comes to beginner riders I always advise not to skip steps. Choosing boards that are a little wider allows you to work on your paddling technique properly. This way of doing things allows you to progress quickly and keeping it fun. There is a wide selection of race boards at Indiana to support that.

For skilled riders to pros, there is no doubt, this is the board. The proof is in the pudding, just check out Manuel Lauble‘s achievements – he had a fantastic 2023 season. The many podiums and final Championship results prove that this is a very competitive board.

Photo by Yahanny Saint Luis / SUP11 City Tour 2022

What are your SUP plans?

For 2024, my main goal is the solo, non-stop race at the SUP 11 City Tour. It’s not just a personal goal, but a fundraiser. I’m going to set up a charity sponsorship per km for the Ecole Auguste-Buchet, a school for children with special needs in Etoy, Switzerland.

Thank you for sharing your story and good luck with your 2024 plans!

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