SUP Surf Rider Vince Duschneit on how to inspire the next-gen with Indiana Paddle & Surf

There has been something noteworthy happening for a while on the global SUP racing scene with more young paddlers starting to steal the spotlight from SUP legends or at least shifting the attention as everyone is asking “Who is that kid?” At TotalSUP we’d like to go beyond SUP Coaches and SUP clubs becoming more and more race-focused and talk directly with young riders about their motivations to compete at the highest level and their ideas how to inspire the next generation of SUP athletes.

We caught up with an incredibly versatile 16-year old Indiana Paddle & Surf Team Rider, Vince Duschneit, who has already been taking top podium spots on the Spanish SUP racing scene. Based on Fuerteventura, this ambitious SUP and foil athlete, has spent most of his years in the ocean, and with the World SUP Champion Espe Barreras as his Coach and some big plans, he’s bound to achieve a lot in the sport.

Hi Vince, welcome to TotalSUP! Why did you choose the sport of stand-up paddleboarding?

After a year of Optimist sailing when I was 10, I learned more about the sport of stand-up paddleboarding and a combination of race, beach race and wave SUP got me straight away.

What’s the SUP racing scene and the SUP community like where you’re based?

As we live on an island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it’s all about surfing here, so the SUP community is quite big. My club is OR Training, my trainers are the World SUP Champion Espe Barreras and Oscar Ruiz Perez, Talent Scout for the Spanish Surf Federation. Although there’s nobody else my age at the club, I train with the older athletes which pushes me harder!


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Who inspires you in the world of SUP and foil?

My Dad and Kai Lenny. Kai is the ultimate all-round waterman and my dad is the one that taught me to surf and is always supporting me.


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How do you prepare for SUP racing competitions?

If my school workload allows me,  I’m out on the water every day, wing foiling and surf foiling. Before SUP competitions I have a special training combination of racing, running and muscle training.

It must be hard to juggle school, training and time you’d like to spend with your friends. How do you stay motivated to train and compete?

I’m well organised and my parents support me but mainly I JUST LOVE IT. This is what motivates me, to do what I love and live off being on the water.

Your three top tips for young, aspiring SUP racers…

One… Love what you do.
Two… Find a club with motivated people.
Three… Make friends on the SUP scene – It can be hard to be the only one your age.

Could you tell us more about your collaboration with Indiana Paddle & Surf?

There are amazing people at Indiana. They look after me like family. This is the best team offering an incredible support from the start. I couldn’t wish for a better sponsor. And on top of that, their boards and the rest of the gear are of the highest quality.

What’s your Indiana Paddle & Surf set up?

For SUP surfing I use Indiana Wave Carbon SUP 7’2 and 8’1 , also Indiana carbon paddle is my go to paddle. Then I use Indiana Wing and surf foil 49 l, Wing foil 75 +90 mast and the Indiana Ozone Wasp Wing V2 4m2 .For SUP racing I go for the Indiana SUP Race Allwater 14` x 23` board.

What are your professional SUP plans and dreams?

I want to spend my life on the water and if there’s one dream – I would like to become a World Champion and one of the best watermen one day.

Thank you for your time Vince and good luck with your amazing plans and the 2022 racing season!

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