The Great Glen Challenge 2019 Results: The Battle of Loch Ness

The Great Glen Challenge, a 92km race that runs from the West Coast to the East Coast of Scotland, took an unexpected turn this past weekend, when gusty headwinds challenged paddlers to a radical 36km long Loch Ness battle. 92 paddlers signed up for the event with 24 paddlers braving the non-stop format. TotalSUP recaps this ultra endurance paddle experience.

The Great Glen Ultra Endurance Challenge: Nessie has delivered

“Forecast was light wind directly from the east, which meant it would never be a downwinder,” commented UK endurance paddler, Joanne Hamilton-Vale, organiser of the challenge and the founder of the UK Endurance Race Series. “We chose to cross the correct way in line with day one. However, we ended up with a 20-25 knot headwind for 16km before it dropped off and the water flattened out. It was super tough. We were pleased so many finished in those conditions.”


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The Great Glen Ultra Endurance Challenge: Non-Stop Results

Starboard Dream Team Rider, Bart de Zwart crossed in 12 hours & 18 minutes. Mark Slater, the 2014 winner, finished the race in 15 hours & 7 minutes. The only female paddler to cross the non-stop finish line was Emma Reijmerink clocking nearly 16 hours of paddling. Congratulations to all!


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The Great Glen Challenge: Non-stop Results Table

The Great Glen Ultra Endurance Challenge: Two-Day Results

There were 40 finishers in the two-day stage race led by Frederic Onillon in a time of 11 hours 58 minutes. Sarah Louise Smith closed the race powering through Loch Ness and clocking 21 hours on water.

The Great Glen Challenge: Two-Day Results Table

Congratulations to organisers, volunteers and all amazing paddlers conquering Nessie!

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