The Future of SUP is Custom: Design Your Board with Infinity’s Dave Boehne

In a rapidly growing mass production SUP board market, the most disruptive and innovative thing a brand can do, is to return to the core, to the organic, grassroots approach to board making. TotalSUP caught up with Dave Boehne, renowned shaper, master shredder and creative mind behind Infinity’s high performance SUP designs, as he invites paddlers to their Infinity Custom Shop, to work with him directly on making their dream board. Welcome to the new era of custom-made boards: personalised and prototyped in real-time. 

Shaping the Future of SUP: Welcome to Infinity Custom Shop and the SUP capital of the world

Dana Point is widely considered the SUP capital of the world and Infinity has been shaping the SUP scene since the beginning. Steve Boehne, founder of Infinity Surfboards was one of the very first shapers to offer SUP boards to the public in 2004.

The brand is dedicated to custom innovation and designing high performance, progressive SUP boards for both surf and race. Every board is designed in California by Steve and Dave Boehne true craftsmen and board building experience since 1960.

Design your SUP board for shred and speed

“At our core, Infinity is a custom board company,” said Dave Boehne. “Our founder Steve Boehne has been making custom surfboards since 1960 and since 1970 under the Infinity name. Building custom boards and working with customers directly makes for a fun experience for the paddler/surfer and gives us the opportunity to do real time prototyping and try new ideas on a daily basis.”

The Infinity Custom Shop opens up all the options of designing rider’s own custom board and a unique opportunity to work with Dave Boehne himself directly on the shape, construction, tuned volume including picking custom colours. Custom boards are professionally designed on premiere CAD software to ensure consistency, then meticulously finished by hand. The entire process is personalised to match the rider’s budget and preference.

Custom SUP Boards: Personalised and prototyped in real-time

Major industry players are shifting from standardized SUPs to premium, more sustainable performance SUP boards leveraging innovative developments in materials and construction. The CAD software and CNC technology have revolutionised board design and the introduction of 3D scanning and printing tech is opening a whole new door for watersports. Should we start rephrasing the question “What SUP board to choose” and ask “What SUP board to design?”

Custom innovation and quality are in Infinity’s DNA and now users have a unique opportunity to tap into that shaping knowledge and experience, and to work alongside  Dave Boehne on the design of their perfect board.

To find out more about #InfinityCustomShop and work with Dave Boehne direct on your board, get in touch via email 

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