Euro Tour BCN SUP WORLD FEST 2024: The Ultimate SUP Race in Barcelona

Get ready for the 15.000€ Eurotour race at the BCN SUP WORLD FEST, the ultimate SUP festival hitting San Sebastián Beach in Barcelona, Spain, from May 17th to 19th and poised to attract a majority of the world’s top 100 athletes. However, this international event is suited for everyone from elite athletes to leisure SUP enthusiasts. Carlos López, president of the Catalan Surf Federation and Manager of Team Spain, has had his dream for years and now it’s happening finally thanks to the sponsors, Generalitat of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council. This festival offers a unique opportunity to engage with the global SUP community, challenge your skills, and enjoy the vibrant cityscape of Barcelona.

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Hola, Carlos! You are not only the president of the Catalan Surf Federation and Manager of Team Spain, but also have a successful business career. Could you share how you manage these dual responsibilities?

Managing several roles requires dedication and a lot of personal time. Like many involved in smaller sports federations, I often sacrifice my free time and vacations. Despite the stress, I approach everything with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Balancing these roles isn’t easy, but it’s fulfilling when you love what you do.

Surprisingly, Barcelona hosted its first and only international SUP race in 2015 until today. Why did we have to wait nine years for another amazing event to take place?

Organizing a large-scale event in a major city comes with its challenges. Minority sports like ours often lack the same level of support as mainstream sports, making economic viability a hurdle. This year, we’ve been fortunate to secure substantial backing from the Generalitat of Catalonia and the City Council, enabling us to bring this event to life.

Barcelona is a city known worldwide. Why did you choose it for this significant SUP race?

Barcelona isn’t just where I’m from; it’s a city that offers a vibrant mix of culture, architecture, and entertainment, making it an ideal backdrop for an international event like this. It’s not only perfect for the athletes but also for their families and friends who might join them, turning the race into a mini-vacation. The city is perfectly well-connected by air, road and sea.

We’re excited about this inaugural race! Can we look forward to making this a regular event in Barcelona beyond 2024?

Absolutely! Our goal is to make Barcelona a staple on the SUP circuit annually. We’re pouring our hearts into this first edition to ensure it’s a success. Feedback from participants and assessing the overall impact will guide our improvements for future events.

The BCN SUP World Fest is part of the EURO TOUR circuit. Could you tell us more about what non-pro SUP lovers can look forward to?

The BCN SUP WORLD FEST is indeed part of the EURO TOUR Stand-Up Paddle circuit, hosting a Grand Slam 6-star event in the city of Barcelona. The  15.000€ prize money distributed among the top 5 in the PRO category for both male and female participants. This festival isn’t just for the pros though. We’re excited to welcome paddlers of all levels—from beginners to amateurs and elite competitors. The event features both short and long-distance races, offering a thrilling experience and a chance to get close to the action, regardless of skill level.

You’ve also planned a SUP foil race. What can participants expect in terms of additional activities?

SUP foil is gaining popularity, and we’re thrilled to offer races specifically for this discipline. Participants can expect two races, one on Friday and another on Saturday afternoon when conditions are ideal for a spectacular downwind. The 3.000€ prize money distributed among the Top 3 in the FOIL category for both male and female participants.  Besides racing, attendees can enjoy various side events that celebrate the SUP lifestyle.

With the event taking place in Barceloneta, what should participants know about conditions, environment, and equipment options?

The venue is easily accessible by public transport, offering a convenient experience for all attendees. We’ll provide storage areas for boards and have teamed up with Parres Watersport Club and Eurotour to offer board rental options. This ensures that everyone, from locals to international visitors, can easily participate.

Barcelona is a gateway city connected by flights to numerous locations worldwide. What personal recommendations do you have for visitors wanting to explore the city?

Barcelona welcomes everyone with open arms! I recommend taking some time to wander through the historic streets, enjoy the local cuisine, and perhaps catch a football match if you’re a fan. The city’s vibrant atmosphere is perfect for explorers looking for both culture and relaxation. As well as being Spain’s second-largest city and the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean with its seaside location and sunny weather almost 365 days a year.

>> Don’t miss the TotalSUP Facebook LIVE STREAM on Saturday! Men’s start: 10 am / Women’s start: 11.30 am

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Photos by courtesy of: Carlos López

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