Davide Codotto: the new Fanatic international recruit from Italy

Davide Codotto has been in the top 10 of every european race he has taken part in this year. The italian rider joined the international Fanatic team this and the results are certainly paying off despite some injuries this winter which slowed him down.

Hello Davide, can you please introduce yourself ?

Hello, I’m Davide Codotto, I’m 28 and I am from Lignano Sabbiadoro, a small seaside area close to Venice where I run a windsurfing and sup school over the summer. I’ve been practicing sports and competing since I was really young, starting from swimming for 6 years, then athletics, precisely decathlon, for 12, and finally Sup, which I have been practicing for 6 years now.

My home spot Lignano is an awesome place to train at, since it’s completely surrounded by water. It gives you the possibility to train in several different conditions: river, lagoon and sea. My training program is mainly divided in two: in the winter time I only practice Sup surfing and surfing in various spots around the world, over the summer I only train for race competitions since there are almost no waves in Lignano.

Who are your sponsors? 
My sponsors are Fanatic International, Ion, Carbo Pro and Nasivent.

What are your best SUP results or achievements?
Since last year I’m one of the top riders in Europe and this year I became part of the Fanatic International team. I was in the top ten in all the races of the european circuit and my best result is a 6th place at the Stand Up World Tour in Finland.

What do you think of your season so far? Anything new for you this year?
Overall, I think I reached some more or less satisfying results during this season, even if I’m not at all happy about my winter training because of several physical issues ruining my plans. The good thing was that I moved to the International team and I hope I can stick around it for as long as possible, obtaining good results in the SUP events to come.

Which paddlers influence you the most?
There’s no doubt that athletes such as Zane, Kay, Mo and Connor are a strong source of inspiration and adrenaline, but even other emerging talents in the italian scene like Paolo Marconi, Giordano Capparella, the Nika brothers and Davide Ionico help me improve and push through my limits race after race. Together we share the battle for the first places, but also a good friendship.

What is your favourite SUP destination? 
My favourite destination is Praya da Macumba, close to Rio de Janeiro, where I spent two winters. In only 500  meters of beach there are more than 10 different peaks, water is warm and there are good waves almost every day. 

The Lignano Sup Race is organized in your home town at the beginning of September? Do you want to do a bit of promo?
What makes the  Lignano Sup Race an unique event between the others is that behind its organization there is a tight group of passionate people who dedicates plenty of time to create a fun and competitive race besides the economic profit. In addition, the event takes place in my hometown the first week of september, at the end of the season and therefore with a good party attitude.

What’s your objective at the Stand Up World Series at Italia Surf Expo?
My goal for the Stand Up World Series at the Rome Surf Expo is to end up between the first 3 positions overall and I will give everything I got to reach it.

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