Coasto E-Motion review: Mr TotalSUP takes the water e-scooter for a spin!

25 Oct 2023

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The electric revolution in stand-up paddleboarding comes with a promise – enjoy the sport for longer, go further (with the assistance of an electric motor), make it accessible to users with limited mobility, take kids on board (literally!)

There are many potential advantages of e-SUPs and we wanted to test it with the highly anticipated Coasto E-Motion electric and inflatable stand-up paddleboard, that comes with an electric motor that can be clipped into the finbox, turbine integrated into the board, handlebars and more!

Mr TotalSUP himself, put the paddle aside to test this innovative proposition -half stand-up paddleboard and half an electric water scooter – developed by French watersports brand Coasto. We had a lot of fun and here’s our full review!

Coasto E-Motion – Technical specification

  • Length : 3,05m / 10″
  • Width : 1,05m / 41′
  • Thickness : 15cm
  • Technology: Drop Stitch TTS Technology
  • Max speed. : 6,5km/h
  • Motor power : 500W
  • Battery: 270Wh
  • Battery life: 1h30 (8-9km)
  • Max weight: 180kg

Coasto E-Motion – The Shape

The shape of the E-Motion reminds a touring but SUPer-sized with a slight rocker to go over the chop. With a width of 1.05m, the board is 25% wider than classic stand-up paddle boards. This width provides maximum stability.

We have a real platform to move around, even with several people on the board. The E-Motion is constructed with double-layer PVC, for added rigidity and durability. The technology used is Drop Stitch TTS Technology  with PVC layers are heat-sealed instead of being glued which translates onto lighter weight and durability.

Coasto E-Motion – The Set 

The E-Motion comes in two containers: a hard case and a wheeled carry bag. The case contains the handlebar-motor, the battery and all connectors. The wheeled carry bag comes in a classic shape we know from standard inflatable SUPs and it contains the board, fin, paddle and pump.

The total weight of this load is 27kg, which is pretty good considering the size of this “beast”. The compactness is at its maximum and the set can be easily stored at home.

The E-motion has a large, thick and comfortable EVA padded deck. It is also equipped with many handles around the board, which is very practical for carrying it with others and easily getting back on the board. Each handle comes with D-Rings, i.e. small metal rings, which allow to attach additional accessories such as a kayak seat.

Another essential accessory that the E-Motion comes with is a cargo net to store anything from your flip-flops to a picnic bag. The E-Motion has two small fixed fins and a slide-in central fin. The set up does not require a screwdriver, it’s SUPer handy! Another fin is located under the propeller, which allows you to set the course by turning the handlebars.

The handlebars are divided into two main parts: the motor with the propeller and the handlebars with the controls that include: forward/reverse gear, speed control, battery level indicator and magnetic circuit breaker leash. On the battery side, there are four LED lights indicating the charge level, and it also has an audible signal that warns you if you’re running low.

The handlebar grips are removable, as is the battery. Please note that the plastic propeller protection block is quite fragile and only protects the propeller on the front part.

The paddle, which comes with the E-Motion, is a three-piece paddle, can be adjusted from 165 to 215cm. One of the handles on the side of the E-Motion can be removed to secure the paddle, so only use it when you need it.

Coasto E-Motion – Getting Started

The E-Motion inflates up to 15PSI. Which may seems fairly low but it’s enough – it’s actually and advantage  considering the volume of the board so you don’t have to spend an entire afternoon to inflate it. Joking aside, it takes about ten minutes to inflate the E-Motion board with a manual pump.

The handlebars, like everything else for that matter, are very easy to assemble without tools. You don’t even have to look at the instructions, everything is SUPer intuitive. Once the paddleboard is inflated and the handlebars are mounted, it’s time to get in the water and assemble the two.

It’s not as straightforward though to assembly it on your own so another person to assist this stage comes handy. One that carries the board to the water and holds it fixed, while the other installs the handlebars. Remember to move far enough into the water to prevent the propeller from catching the bottom during assembly.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s a pretty easy operation: just put the handlebars in their intended place, tighten the screws (without tools again) and presto, let’s go for an hour and a half of fun!

Coasto E-Motion – Launch time!

On the water, the E-Motion is SUPer easy to use. The controls are easy to read and the handling is very intuitive thanks to the handlebars. We even managed to make circles easily controlling the desired trajectory. At cruising speed, the board brings cool gliding sensations, it’s like being on a small electric boat but standing up.

Even with several people on the board, stability is not compromised and it’s very practical to have such a large deck that could well be used as a boat tender or allowing to safely take on board users with reduced mobility. It can also serve as a dockstart/ foil pontoon, but don’t try it at home 😉 hahaha). Playful, children love to be riddled around on the E-Motion and use it as a diving board, but love to fly it even more. The kids loved it, used it as a jumping and diving platform and they certainly loved the speed!

In a nutshell, E-Motion is a great way to explore the lakes with your family. Without the handlebars though and used with the provided 3-piece paddle, the E-Motion is a wide, XL size board that is a little difficult to move forward. Based on its size, it should be “operated” by more than one paddler and possibly a coxswain.

Coasto E-Motion – Safety

Stand-up paddleboards with a motor are cool but they should not be moving forward without a rider and to ensure safety, E-Motion is equipped with a magnetic circuit breaker leash, similar to the ones you can find on boats or jet skis. Connected to the handlebars and your grip, it allows you to immediately stop the engine in the event of a fall or incident.

The cord connecting the rider to the handlebars could be a bit longer as at its current length it  limits movement a little. Nothing though that could not be fixed with a small extension by adding a cord.

As already mentioned, the propeller is only protected on the front, which makes sense given the direction of travel. Nevertheless, when stationary or on a restart, be very careful with moving around it.

Don’t operate E-Motion at full speed throughout your session assuming that it will have enough “juice” to take you back where you started. As with classic stand-up paddleboarding, don’t overestimate your abilities, nor those of the battery (the range can drop quickly if you’re cruising against the wind).

The E-Motion can be propelled by a paddle, but not for miles (so as a rule of thumb, never, ever leave without the paddle, that’s the basics). In terms of the regulations (in France), the E-Motion falls into the category of “beach equipment” and cannot go further than 300m from the shore (to find out more, check out our article on SUP safety and regulations).

Coasto E-Motion – The Verdict

Advantages :

  • Ease of control
  • Stability
  • Speed


  • Not really usable as a stand-alone SUP without the motor

The Coasto E-Motion is a SUPer fun board and a great alternative to a classic pedal boat for family rides. Based on its speed and ease of use, the board is suitable for SUP hires, rental professionals and a wide range of users.

It’s a very stable machine with very good manoeuvrability and a solid turning radius. Even if it’s not an iSUP in its standard form, it’s a SUPer jolly inflatable board that children love!

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*Translation of the original board review by Laurie Montagner

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