SIC Maui and Tahe appoint two new global brand managers

Agility and adaptability are essential living in the age of rapid change and for Tahe Outdoors, steering through the current growth of all its brands means restructuring its organization. Tahe Outdoors is pleased to announce Jacques Freydrich as the new head of the TAHE brand and Casi Rynkowski as the new head of SIC. Jacques Freydrich was previously Sales Manager, and Casi Rynkowski was our Product, Marketing & Digital Manager at SIC North America.

Thierry Verneuil, President of Tahe Outdoors:
«It was important for us to look at our structure during this period of increased activity while retaining the essence of what has made both brands so successful—the American DNA of SIC, the French identity, and the origins of TAHE. Choosing Casi and Jacques was a no brainer. They’ve got all the qualities and skills necessary to develop the entire range of our brands and products internationally, respond to and anticipate our customers’ needs. And they’ll have the full support and help of our Steering Group backroom team.»

SIC, The Maui spirit preserved

Casi Rynkowski has a total commitment to this « diamond » brand. She’s been a key figure in SIC’s development and international awareness for many years, working closely with the shapers, athletes, and the communities. Casi is well respected inside and outside the company. She’s had plenty of experience in developing new products and in creative marketing campaigns to support them.

«I am super excited to step into the SIC Global Brand Manager role after joining Tahe Outdoors nearly ten years ago. I’ve been fortunate to work with the entire SIC Maui Team in helping to grow the brand globally and introducing five-star quality performance SIC paddleboard, surf, and foil products to the market. I’m looking forward to leading our branding efforts and working alongside our shaper Mark Raaphorst and product designers. Together we’ll continue to drive
our leadership position in the rapidly expanding landscape of SUP, surf, foil, and wing foil. I’m energized and especially passionate to continue my journey as a women’s leader in the watersports industry, pushing for change with marketing strategies, graphics, and new products that speak directly to women.» C. Rynkowski

TAHE, «Made-in-France» reaffirmed

Jacques Freydrich, the new Global Brand Manager of TAHE, takes control after over 30 years of experience in board and water sports as CEO of Neil Pryde Europe, President of Takoon, and more recently Sales Manager at Tahe Outdoors. A combination of business experience and an openness to new ideas makes him the ideal candidate to pilot the future development of the new TAHE brand, successor to the 40 years of expertise and success of BIC Sport and their uniquely European-based production facility in Vannes (Brittany), France.

«I am pleased and motivated to have taken up my new role at the very heart of Tahe Outdoors, after two years devoted to product sales. This is a company with decades of experience in the world of board and watersports, developing
very quickly since the change of ownership and name. TAHE is the new flag for our incredible range of board and water sports products, manufactured on the spot at our factory in Vannes, Brittany. Our mission, should we accept, is to keep on offering the market a comprehensive range, from beginner to expert, of high-performance, reliable, long-lasting products at a price you really can afford.» J.Freydrich

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