From Blackfish Downwind Camp to the launch of a new SUP coaching platform: Check out what Lincoln Dews does next!

With an uncompromising knack for the extreme and “coming from a family with four generations of grassroots watermen”, Lincoln Dews is the pro athlete to watch. Ahead of one of his biggest challenges to date, Yukon Double (Lincoln will take on two of the longest and most gruelling paddling races on the planet, The Yukon River Quest and Yukon 1000), TotalSUP caught up with the two time World SUP Champion and Blackfish Paddles Team Rider, to chat about his latest ventures that he’s been adding to his ever-growing portfolio of epic projects.

Hi Lincoln, how have you been holding up through the COVID19 pandemic? There has been a lot of plans and endeavours cancelled but you have also been very busy…

Hi! I’m Good thanks. Yes, it certainly has been an interesting time for myself and the industry. My focus has shifted a little, from trying to win as many races a year as I can to different projects and challenges.

We’re stoked to see you back at coaching. Could you tell us more about the Blackfish Downwind SUP Camp you’re running in June in Squamish, BC?

I’m very excited about this one. Over the years I have had the privilege of learning from some of the best downwind paddles across many craft. So to be able to pass on some of that knowledge and in an incredible location like Squamish will be a lot of fun.

What’s the focus of the camp and who is developed for?

The camp is designed to offer something for paddlers of most skill levels. Being able to paddle a race board is essential but from that any background of downwind paddling is fine. Squamish is a great place to learn to paddle.


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We will train two or three times a day, including at least one paddle each day on Howe Sound, an amazing ecosystem that offers a variety of conditions. This will include at least one paddle of 18-23km and weather permitting some downwind paddling.


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Could you tell us about your collaboration with Blackfish Paddles?

This marks my 4th year with Blackfish Paddles. Over that time we have won a world title, supported some incredible adventure projects and developed great products (Blackfish Viento paddle and the exclusive fin range to name just few) along the way. I couldn’t be more proud of this partnership and I am excited to see it continuing.

We were excited to see your newly launched Blackfish fin…

Our range of Blackfish fins has been a work in progress over several years. I think people often consider fins such as ours to be designed purely for high-end racing, but this isn’t true at all. Having a good fin in your board improves your paddling experience no matter what you’re doing. If you want to be able to paddle straighter, or be more stable in rough water having a specific fin makes a difference.

We set out to create a versatile high performance fin that would work in a range of conditions and boards. We haven’t reinvented the wheel so to speak, instead by incorporating traditional hydrodynamic principles we have a fin that feels incredibly stable, tracks well all while having a reduction in drag resistance. Also, the LD241 fin has been designed to excel at time trial and longer distance flat water events providing high-level of glide and tracking.

We’re catching up on the eve of a big announcement! Could you tell us more about the launch of your new online coaching platform?

After spending almost, a decade dedicated to racing paddle craft at the highest international level I feel it is time to start to give back, and share some of my knowledge.

While I have always done a small amount of coaching and mentoring, I feel like the time is right to launch my own paddle coaching platform. The goal of this is not only offer a program for competitive paddlers, but to also provide some session structure to paddlers that want to use SUP to get fit. After all being on the water certainly beats going to the gym! The coaching platform is be kicking off in May!

How does it work? Can anyone take part? Is the focus purely SUP?

Over the first few months we’ll be releasing some pre-constructed training programs that either I have used for specific events or have been developed for others.

As an example, our ’16 weeks to World Champion’ package, is the exact training sessions I did in the lead up to winning the ICF 2019 World Championships. I often use this program in the run up to major middle-distance events (20min to 1hr).

Over the next few months, I’m excited to share some of my other personal training programs, such as my current ultra-marathon preparation to this year’s Yukon River Quest (750km) and Yukon 1000 race (1600km).

I’m also excited to add additional spots to my custom training programs (20max) for paddlers targeting something specific. This package has always been interactive where I’ll be able to provide feedback and mentorship throughout the training preparation. All information can be found on my website

When is the official launch date?

All is happening on the 1st of May so stay tuned!

Thank you very much for your time and good luck with this new venture and the Yukon Double!

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