What are the benefits of choosing an inflatable windSUP board?

Choosing a windSUP board has been one of the most frequently asked questions on social media SUP groups and forums by stand-up paddleboarding enthusiasts looking to choose their first board. In a world where ‘versatility is the new loyalty’, an inflatable windSUP (a combination of a paddeboarding and a windsurfing board) is often being purchased as the first board by users who want a two-in-one option for flat and windy weather conditions.

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We caught up with Hubert Tobis, Founder of  Uone, a premium Polish stand-up paddleboarding and watersport brand specialising exclusively in inflatable boards, to touch on consumer trends and take a look at the popular model in the Uone quiver, the Windsurf 9’6″ SUP Board Eco appreciated by the brand’s customers, including renowned windsurfing schools on the Hel Peninsula in Poland.

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We were also joined by Wojtek Tadla, an accomplished Polish SUP athlete, who has been using the Uone board for SUP freestyle.

Wojtek Tadla on Uone Viper

Hi Hubert, what makes the 9’6″ model popular among Uone boards?

One of the key drivers is versatility of the board that can be used both with a paddle and a windsurf sail during more windy days. It’s good to pay attention to the shape of the nose of the board, especially when it’s a longer one as not every board will glide as effortlessly upwind.

The Windsurf 9’6″ comes with a central sword, very agile and mobile, and a mast insert for windsurfing allowing to use it in various weather conditions. This appeals to not only windsurfing enthusiasts but also paddlers looking for their first board with additional features.

The 9’6″ model is a short board, highly maneuverable board, that also performs well on waves (can be easily used for SUP surfing) and whitewater SUP.

This is also a super stable model that can be used as an entry board for learning stand-up paddleboarding adding that safety component (no sharp edges as oppose to hard boards) which is important especially when being used by kids.

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‘Wing SUP is taking off (literally!) in Poland…’ 

We’re stoked to see our 9’6″ model being used in renowned windsurfing schools across the country. With the Wing SUP taking off (literally!), our windSUP boards are used for teaching kids and adults this relatively new discipline in light to moderate winds.

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Hi Wojtek, you usually paddle on Uone performance boards such as the Uone Viper 14″ x 27″ or touring models like Wanderer. What made you switch to the Windsurf 9’6″?

I’m using Uone board for some fun and freestyle sessions. I really like the deckgrip that covers the entire standing area which allows to really practice footwork.
Due to its length and stability, the board opens new possibilities by boosting that confidence when you want try something else on the board, like step-back turns and some freestyle tricks.
The double PVC layer ads to the board’s sturdiness and overall quality. Uone Windsurf brings definitely a lot of fun for paddlers of all SUP skill levels!

What are the benefits of choosing a short, inflatable windSUP board – Conclusion:

  • Portability
  • Durability
  • Stability
  • High maneuverability and control
  • Lightweight
  • Versatility:

-Suitable for a mix of weather conditions

-Suitable for learning how to stand-up paddleboard

-Suitable for different disciplines: windsurfing, SUP surfing, freestyle SUP and whitewater SUP

-Suitable for Wing SUP – the combination of width and maneuverability makes it a good entry board for learning how to Wing SUP

Uone Windsurf 9’6” SUP board ECO Technical specification:

  • Weight: 10,4 kg
  • Recommended / maximum load: 150kg / 300kg
  • Capacity: 293 litres
  • Dimensions: 293x83x15 cm
  • Recommended / maximum presure: 15psi/25psi
  • Technology: ULT Technology (Uone Light Technology) – welded
  • Double layer: Double PVC layer
  • PVC layers thickness on the side: 0.7mm + 0.7mm (1000D PVC)
  • PVC layer thickness on the top and bottom of the board: 1.2mm + 0.7mm (1000D PVC)
  • Density of Drop-stitch fibres: 28800 fibres/m2
  • Warranty: 5 years

To find out more about Uone, visit and follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook

If would like to become business partners and part of the „uhlan” SUP family, get in touch with Hubert Tobis via email or telephone +48 600 934 216

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