APP World Tour 2020 – Important Updates

Here is a press release from our partners at the APP – Association of Paddleboard Professionals :

The APP provides important updates on the 2020 season and the impact that the fast spreading Covid-19 is having

As we anticipate an incredibly exciting year on the APP World Tour in 2020, the APP is also monitoring closely the developments with the Covid-19 outbreak that has led to the cancellation of many high profile international sporting events.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our athletes, staff and the communities we come into contact with through the Tour, so we are watching all developments closely and meeting as a team several times weekly to discuss actions and implications for the 2020 Tour.

As of today, all APP World Tour events are moving ahead as planned, but we will update on this by the end of the week as things develop, as the situation, particularly in Europe, is intensifying quickly.

Below we have included details on both the Surfing and Racing events of the APP World Tour, together with infiormation on the first stop of the Surfing World Tour that will take place in October, in Europe, as detailed below.

For any further information on the APP World Tour or questions surround upcoming events and the potential impact of the Covid-19 to them, please email us at and stay tuned to and @appworldtour for updates directly from the APP.

The 2020 SUP Race Season to deliver the complete challenge to the World’s very best athletes on the APP World Tour

As it stands (and subject to updates over the coming weeks), the 2020 APP World Tour Racing Season will kick off on the 26th June in Pornichet, France, kicking off a series of diverse challenges for the World’s Best that will provide a balanced pathway to a World Championship Crown for both Men and Women.

Similar to 2019, athletes’ sprint and distance results will be combined to determine the overall World Champion for both Men and Women, except for that in 2020, there will be a right to just one race discard, whether it be distance or sprint result.

What does this mean? Each athlete will be able to discard a single race from the overall result for 2020 that will allow them to favor either their favorite discipline or their best performances of the season and discard a poor result.

However, like 2019, the APP will still crown an overall event champion for each stop on the Tour, with 3 multi-discipline events on Tour (Pornichet, Osaka & Paris) and 2 single discipline events (Maui – distance & Gran Canaria – sprints).

Stay tuned for a comprehensive season build up and a closer look at the 2020 Contenders coming up in an all new series of programming from the APP World Tour to be launched in the lead up to the new season. This new series will be viewable at, @appworldtour, and across premier media partners worldwide with full releases to follow soon.

Here is the 2020 schedule for Racing:

Pornichet, France (Distance & Sprints): 26th – 28th June
Maui, Hawaii (Downwind Distance): 12th – 18th July
Osaka, Japan (Distance & Sprints): 25th – 27th September
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Surf Sprints): 28th – 29th November
Paris, France (Distance & Sprints): 4th – 6th December
As mentioned above, we are monitoring the situation closely, so please stay tuned for any updates on the 2020 APP Racing World Tour at and @appworldtour or email the APP directly at

2020 APP World Tour Surfing Schedule to deliver high performance surfing across the globe and continue to elevate the sport

Further to the provisional announcement of the 2020 Surfing Season, where the 1st stop of the 2020 season was to be announced, we are excited to be able to confirm that this first stop will take place in Portugal, from the 4th – 10th October, with full event announcement to follow soon in conjunction with the City and partners.

The addition of Portugal as the Opening stop of the 2020 APP World Surfing Tour during the Country’s prime surf season in October will provide a very comprehensive and balanced set of challenges to the World’s best Stand Up Paddlesurfers. It’s timing is also fortuitous given the current global environment, as we look forward to an exciting and compact season for Surfing in 2020.

With Portugal to kick things off in October, Barbados will be back once again in early to mid November, followed by the dramatic World Tour Final in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in late November. With 3 events slated for the 2020 season, there will be no discards, as athletes will need to perform across all 3 events to be in contention for the 2020 World Title or a solid Ranking finish.

Stay tuned for the forthcoming launch of the all new APP programming series that will kick off soon at, @appworldtour, and premier media partners worldwide as we build up to an all new season on the APP World Tour and dive deeper into the venues, the athletes, the training and what it takes to become the best of the best.

Here is the 2020 schedule for Surfing:

Portugal: 4th – 10th October
Barbados: 10th – 15th November
Gran Canaria: 24th November – 1st December
While all current predictions would provide reassurance that the Covid-19 threat should be cleared up well before the kick off of the Surf Season, the APP is of course not taking any chances, and is monitoring all updates closely to ensure that all the right decisions are made for the Tour, the Athletes and the Host Cities.

Please stay tuned to and @appworldtour over the coming weeks for the latest on the Tour and for the build up to what will be a dramatic 2020.

About the APP World Tour & Waterman League International

The APP World Tour is the Professional World Championship Tour for the Sport of Paddlesurfing (also known as SUP / Stand Up Paddling / Paddleboarding), officially sanctioned by the IOC recognized Federation for Surfing Sports, the ISA (International Surfing Association).

Re-branded in 2017 as the APP World Tour (previously known as the Stand Up World Tour and Series) the APP has been crowning the sport’s World Champions for both Men & Women across Racing and Surfing since 2010.

The APP World Tour produces a complete inventory of programming, including live and post produced broadcasts from its events, with distribution to over 100 countries worldwide via premier global networks such as CBS Sports and Fox Sports Asia & Australia.

More Information is available at and fans can follow events @appworldtour on Facebook & Instagram. For more information on the APP’s City Paddle Festivals please visit

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