Gear Review: The 425 Pro Inflatable Range by Glazsea Surfshop

This summer 425 Pro released its inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard (iSUP) range, with a variety of designs and purpose the range is extensive.  There is certainly a board for everyone. Frenchman Bertrand Cléach, owner of Glazsea surfshop, who was one of the first 425Pro distributors in France gives TotalSUP a review of the full iSUP range that have emerged from the Tahitian brand.

The first thing to noticed is that all the inflatables have 100% Double Fusion Skin. Double fusion is a process of fusing the 2 layers together as opposed to gluing them creating a rigid board. All 425 PRO ISUPS come in bags with reinforced shoulder straps, making them easier to carry to that out of reach SUP spot. All pumps that are supplied are double action allowing for quick inflation of the ISUPS, less time pumping and more time riding!


This inflatable SUP is aimed at children and lighter paddlers, the dimensions are 8′.5″ x 28″ x 6″ = €978 Retail Price

This smaller ISUP was designed to make paddling easier for children and lighter paddlers <70kgs. 425Pro also designed this as an introductory board to allow young paddlers to discover SUP safely in flat water and on soft beach breaks. The board  is equipped with 3 fins, 2 fixed to bring stability and 1 removable US box. It also has a large anti slip pad.


This is the family, all-round board. The dimensions are 10′.6″ x 32″ x 4.8″ : Retail Price €1082

This ISUP is a family board, wide, stable, easy to paddle,  and very versatile. A great introduction into the joys of SUP paddling. The All round SUP comes with a foot mast insert, cargo net, rear and front carry handles, a central neoprene carrying strap , 2 front and rear towing rings and 3 fins (2 fixed and 1 removable). This board is perfect on flat and glides effortlessly on the water, it is also comfortable in small waves with its 3 fins. This SUP comes with a rucksack and double pump as standard.

 The RACE 12’6

This is a race board with dimensions of 12′.6″ x 27″ x 8″: €1150 Retail Price

This board is ideal for racers: a great race board but without the hassle of storage space, no room is no problem anymore! This ISUP is great for paddling hard on the flat and able to ride ocean bumps. This 425pro inflatable race is ideal for someone who wants to progress and upgrade from the family board to a high-performance board. It has a foot mast insert, a carry net at the front, front and rear carry handles , a central neoprene carrying strap (top comfort), 2 front and rear towing rings, plus the rucksack and double action pump.

 The RACE 14′

This board is the big sister of the 12’6 with dimensions of 14′ x 26″ x 8″ : €1166 Retail Price

This ISUP is ideal for ocean paddling and race events in 14′ categories.


The board for the fisherman or heavier paddlers, the board dimensions are 12′ x 35″ x 8″: €1461 Retail Price

The high volume found in the board makes this board, it has been adapted to make it extremely stable whilst fishing. But this board is also ideal for paddlers that weigh over 75 KG and thanks to its volume it is very stable in choppy conditions. This board has a foot mast, carry handles at the front and rear, a central neoprene carrying strap, 2 front and rear towing rings, 3 fins (2 fixed and 1 removable). The board comes with a rucksack and double action pump.

The Yoga

The board for Yoga and SUP fitness, the dimensions measure 11” x 33″ x 8″ : Retail Price €1161

A great ISUP designed for those who want to do Yoga, or those who are seeking a super stable product to enjoy paddling. This ISUP doesn’t perform too well on ocean waves. It is directly targeted at flat conditions. This ISUP comes with the foot mast insert, a cargo net at front, front and rear carry handles, plus the rucksack and double action pump.

 The Yoga Mat

This is designed for SUP Yoga dimensions are 7′.5″ x 35″ x 8″:€946 Retail Price

This Yoga Mat has 4 handles located at each corner of the mat. There are also 6 rigns to attach the board to a central pontoon or the side of a swimming pool during a SUP Yoga session.

The board also has a large anti slip mat so the paddler can perform a great session of Yoga effectively.


This SUP is the Daddy of all SUPs for flat water conditions, measuring 16′ x 60″ x 8″: €3362 Retail Price.

This is a fun board capable of carrying a group of 6 people. The board has 2 foot mast inserts, multiple neoprene handles to help with transportation, 4 towing hooks (2 in the front and 2 in the rear). It has a very large non slip pad that extends over most of the board. This giant SUP also has 2 inflation systems to help a pump it up before a great party on the flat!


This is the BIG SUP for Waves measuring 16′ x 80″ x 8″. Retail Price €3554

This Giant SUP has a race nose design to help the board slide effortlessly down the wave. It has space for 6 adults who can all enjoy a party wave! The board has 2 mast foot inserts and a multitude of neoprene handles for launching and standing on the water. There are also 4 towing hooks; 2 at the front and 2 at the back as well as 2 towing hooks at the front on the hull. This giant SUP also has a large anti slip pad that covers most of the SUP board. Plus 2 inflation points at the back of the board to help you warm up before catching that wave!

For more information on the SUP boards check out Glazea

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