3 Bay Five Set to Conquer the 24hr Distance Paddling World Record!

Long distance solo champion Florent Dode, Janneke Smits, Prone paddler Mathieu Chevalier, Tandem paddlers Sébastien Le Meaux and Stéphane Leblond have all announced audacious plans to break the world record for 24 hours paddling. The attempt will be to paddle the greatest distance in a 24 hour period all in their respective categories. TotalSUP is excited to announce that they will be the official media partner for this event, which guarantees interviews, articles and live coverage of the event! The event will take place on the 24th and and 27th July. During which time there will be 4 different attempts to break the world record distances covered in a 24 hour period! All held on Lake d’Aiguebelette in the Savoie, France.

The goals are as follows: Florent Dode will attempt to break the current 24hr paddling record for for solo man, which is currently held by long distance paddle warrior Starboard Bart De Zwart, with an impressive distance of 194 km paddled in 24 hours! Dutch paddler and previous winner of the 11-city non stop Janneke Smits will attempt to better the current SUP record of  178 km held by endurance queen Joanna Hamilton-Vale.

Whilst the “Yukon Bargeots”, Sébastien Le Meaux and Stéphane Leblond on a SUP Tandem, will be the 1st tandem paddlers to attempt such a feat! The same for prone paddler Mathieu Chevalier who will also become the 1st prone paddler to enter the record books!

Frenchman and 3 Bay paddler Florent Dode announced his plans following a long career in endurance events in both SUP and non-SUP stating “In recent years, I have developed the taste for long-distance events  and the older I get, the less intense efforts I like. With my combined recent experiences and my trusted partners like Roro (Patrice Remoiville) developing  his 3 bay boards,  we have decided to try and push this side of the adventure!!!”

Florent Dode has already accomplished many long distance paddles including 1st place at this years Dordogne intergrale  with an incredible time of just over 10 hours. Tandem paddlers Sébastien Le Meaux and Stéphane Leblond or the “Yukon Bargeots”, a new pairing this year already producing some stand out performances and having great success with 1st place at the Dordogne Intergale, and just fresh off the Yukon 750km where the two paddlers finished in 2nd place in the SUP category and 46th overall with a time of  60 h 25 minutes. Whilst Dutch paddler Janneke is a formidable force in endurance paddling already.

The five paddlers will attempt to paddle their way to the record books on Lake d’Aiguebelette in the Savoie, France. This idea to attempt to beat Bart De Zwart’s record was born last September by Florent Dode, the day after Florent Dode’s 11 city non stop paddle, what followed was several months of planning and researching the perfect location for the attempt.

The group searched several freshwater lake possibilities throughout France including locations in Brittany, Vendée and Aquitaine. Finally they settled on Lake d’Aiguebelette.  The lake has an optimal altitude of 373 m, sufficient circumference to paddle a 10 km loop, and a 71 m water depth for optimal glide conditions whilst paddling, these all made this lake a great choice for the group. But what was fundamental to the decision was the favorable weather conditions, especially the lack of wind and a complete ban on motor navigation, which is essential in flatwater SUP paddling.

Following the preparation and action here on TotalSUP as the intrepid 5 seek to put their names in the record books!



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