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You’ve heard of Aztron and want to find out more about their gear? Let’s have a look at the full range of Aztron inflatable and composite boards in the 2020 season. Good looks, admittedly good marketing, innovative technology and affordable rates,  it looks like the SUP industry is going to have to count with Aztron for 2020 and beyond.


First of all, let’s have a look at Aztron’s board technology. Aztron offer mainly three technologies. Their best construction is the new “Ultra-light X-pattern Drop Stitch Tech” which provides a new woven base and x-stitch core that makes the board lighter and stronger other constructions. In 2020, Aztron has applied this new fabric to their inflatable SUP Race range – Meteor and Meteorlite.


All Aztron Touring and specialty boards are finished off with a Double Layer Fusion technology. A known type of inflatable construction, DLF construction is super tough as it has an extra layer of PVC fused all over the drop-stitch core and also on the rails. Aztron also applies another PVC layer on the top part of the deck to give extra protection. The main difference between the Double Layer Fusion tech and the Single Layer tech is that it offers more stiffness and durability if you want to use the SUP for a long time. Also useful, if you’re going to put a dog or have some gears at the front of deck. 


What makes Aztron already a strong player in the industry is their signature Double Chamber air board construction. With the 50:50 air distribution inner and outer air chambers, it provides two things: safety and board stiffness.  So if either chamber is leaking, the other can guarantee your safety. Also, as you’re standing on the connection of the two chambers, you’ll feel more stability and stiffness compares to the regular air SUPS. Lastly, when you inflate the board, you don’t have to put as much pressure in the board overall as you would do for a single chamber SUP.


The all-round range of boards starting off with Nova 10’0” Compact iSUP. This is Aztron’s new foldable board. With the compact idea and a backpack nearly half of the other ones, it is easier to transport.  Also, because of a single layer fabric, Nova does give you a nice light weight board. It’s very easy to paddle and comes with special fin setup. It’s 10’0 ” by 32” wide. So it offers a good amount of stability for most people and it’s going to get a lot of people into SUP for the first time. Most importantly, the MSRP is very competitive at 350 Euro.


The all-round range, Lunar, Mercury and Titan have similar sort of characteristics as the Nova, except it has an extra layer of PVC in the front deck. So if you want to put your dog or carry extra bags on the front, you can get more protection. Those boards are 32” wide and 6” thick, which can offer you a good stable platform. The board length of Lunar, Mercury and Titan are at 9’9”, 10’10” and 11’11”. They are available in different sizes for different sorts of people.


Venus Fitness board is the new addition to the Aztron all-round family.  Specification is 10’8” by 34” wide. It’s a little bit wider which is going to give you more stability. It’s going to be great for heavier paddler or yoga player. If you’re doing yoga or fitness moves, it will give you a nice open deck pad to work on. It is still 6” thick, which will take a large volume and weight. We really think the design and graphic of this board is one of the stand-out boards of the Aztron range. In terms of design, the graphic and color is more subtle than the other models, but still very nice design and finish. Remember the Venus is also featuring a Double Chamber construction with the Double Layer fusion PVC wrapping around the whole board, which makes it heavier, but it does make it stronger overall.


In 2020, Aztron has refined the rocker line of their Touring range. So they made the board a little bit flatter overall. Therefore, the 10’6” Terra, 11’6” Urono and 12’6” Neptune all got much flatter rocker than last year, which means they will be faster to paddle. They’re all 32” wide and 6” thick. The range offers a large volume and suits a wide range of weights. The longer the board and the easier to paddle in a straight line.


The multipurpose boardSoleil and Soleil Xtreme can be used for windsurfing, paddling and kayaking. With the integrated mast base with screw thread on the deck, you can screw in your universal joint at the front of the board. You can paddle these board, you can play with a family with these boards, or you can learn to windsurf with them. They are double chamber and double layer SUPs at retail price starts at 549 Euro. They are good choices for a lot of people wanting that multipurpose usage. If you’re going to learn windsurfing or you want to get loads of water sports out of one piece of equipment, make sure you have a look at the Soleil 11’0” and Soleil Xtreme 12’0”.


Orion 8’6” is the smallest board in the Aztron 2020 range.  It’s a brand new board of this year. Orion is not only a surf SUP you can use for surfing; it could also be a good choice for lightweight or young riders. It’s 8’6” long by 29” wide, and only 4.75” thick, which is a really good thickness for surfing. The rocker line of this board has a nice kick and a small amount of tail kick.  The 2+1 fin setup looks really good too. Sitting at a good price point at 449 Euro, Orion has all the cool characteristics and if you’re looking for get into surf with iSUP,  definitely Orion is one of the boards that should be on your list.


The inflatable race boards Meteor 14’0” and Meteorlite 12’6”. Both of these boards are different from all the others, because they have a different technology-the brand new Ultra-Light Drop-stitch Technology combined with Aztron’s signature Double Chamber. These technologies do make the boards lighter than other Race SUPs.


MSRP starts at 699 Euro, Aztron offers a big board for a friendly pricing. The Nebula 12’0”and Galaxie 16’0” multi-person board can give the whole family, a club, or a group of friends a lot of fun. Comes with multiple accessories too, you can start a party with these boards. If you’re looking for a multi-person board, this sort of board is hard to beaten.


Aztron is putting as much work into their composite range as they are doing their inflatable range. If you don’t need to put your board in the back of the car or you have space to keep it in the garden. A composite board might be the better board to look at and it definitely gives you more performance.


Apus is at 9’4” long by 32” wide and it definitely offers a great surf board shape with a large weight for people are first get into the surf SUP. The rail and shape of the board do look really good. It’s also a full carbon board and weights at 8.8 kg and is really a lightweight board that retails only at 999 Euro. It’s a cheap price point for full carbon surf SUP that is going to get you into surfing. It’s also a very good board for mid to experienced riders looking for an affordable and quality surf SUP. All the finishes of this board, the fin set up again looks above par. We’re happy to see such a board at this price point.


Now let’s look at the bigger all-round bamboo board, the Jupit at 10’8” long by 32’5” wide. First of all, it gives a stunning look because of the natural bamboo finish on deck. For performance, it’s definitely going to give you more performance than the inflatable boards.  The nice bamboo material, the core concept and the rail line is what you’re going to paying for. For the price point, Jupit is cheaper than the Apus at a retail price of 799 Euros.


Last, let’s talk about the biggest board of the Aztron composite range. The Lightspeed Carbon SUP is 14’0” long by 24.5” wide. This is a composite race board that people will be interested to get into racing. It could be a good choice even for some of those more experienced racers at the price point of 1299 Euros. This is an affordable price for a full carbon race board construction. When you look at the overall design of the board, the carbon finish, rocker line, bottom shape, recessive deck and square tail with EVA traction deck and the tail kick pad are all the elements you’ll be looking at for a composite race SUP. It gives a good performance for racers. If you want to get into composite board racing, or you want to have a carbon board at a good value, then you can have the Lightspeed.

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