2017 ISA SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Presenting Team South Africa

Team South Africa


Team Members

Dylan Frick – 07/14/1995- SUP Surf, Long Distance, Technical Race 

Gary Van Rooyen- 03/08/1958- SUP Surf

Tamsyn Foster- 10/15/1982- SUP Surf

Khara Doyle- 11/28/1997- SUP Surf

Kimon Dos Santos- 09/15/1997- Long Distance 

Christopher Couve- 07/13/1987- Sprint, Long Distance

“I’m really privileged to once again be representing my country and so super excited to be competing at the first ISA Worlds to be hosted in Europe. This is huge milestone for the Sport in demonstrating the sports unique diversity”

Jacqueline De Billot- 11/04/1981- Long Distance, Sprint, Technical Race

“We’re excited for the opportunity to compete in Denmark. We’ve been putting in the hours and training hard, so we are looking forward to getting out there, having fun and showing the rest of the world what we are made of.”

Rolande Williamson- Long Distance, Technical Race 

Candice Murray- 10/11/1994  – Prone Paddleboard

Kit Beaton- 11/01/1967- Prone Paddleboard 

Team Manager

Jarryd Doyle-

“I am really excited about the up coming ISA World Champs, as team manager it is has been amazing working with such talented athletes who are truly at the top of their game. It’s going to be a very special worlds for the SA Team, we are taking our first female team captain, and our team has a great mix of new blood and experience. I also can’t wait to watch my wife compete in her first ISA games, thats going to special”

Team Coach

Shayne Chipps


SUP Surf: Dylan Frick – Gary Van Rooyen – Tamsyn Foster – Khara Doyle

Technical Race: Dylan Frick – Christopher Couve – Rolande Williamson – Jacqueline De Billot

Distance: Dylan Frick – Kimon Dos Santos – Rolande Williamson – Jacqueline De Billot

Sprint: Christopher Couve – Jacqueline De Billot

Prone Paddleboard: Candice Murray – Kit Beaton

Team Manager: Jarryd Doyle

Team Coach: Shayne Chipps

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