2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Presenting Team Japan

Team Japan

Team Members

Kenny Kaneko- 01/21/1988- Long Distance- Technical Race- Sprint

“This will be my 3rd time at the ISA World Championships. We have a full roster this year so looking forward to great competition and exploring Denmark!”

Ryouhei Yoshida- 12/11/1981- Long Distance- Technical Race

Yuka Sato- 08/17/1986- Long Distance- Technical Race- Sprint

Takayo Yokoyama- 04/29/1976- Long Distance- Technical Race

Toshihiro Harada- 11/06/1078- SUP Surf 

Hironobu Horikoshi- 11/27/1970- SUP Surf

Yuuka Horikoshi- 04/07/1999- SUP Surf

Sumie Kanai- 03/11/1971- SUP Surf

Ryoutarou Kikuchi- Prone Paddleboard

Yurika Mitsui- 07/03/1992- Prone Paddleboard

Team Managers:

Eiji Suzuki

Takeo Yokoyama

Long Distance: Takayo Yokoyama – Yuka Sato – Ryouhei Yoshida – Kenny Kaneko

Technical Race: Takayo Yokoyama – Yuka Sato -Ryouhei Yoshida – Kenny Kaneko

Sprint: Yuka Sato – Kenny Kaneko

SUP Surf: Sumie Kanai – Yuuka Horikoshi – Hironobu Horikoshi – Toshihiro Harada

Prone Paddleboard: Yurika Mitsui – Ryoutarou Kikuchi

Team Managers: Takeo Yokoyama – Eiji Suzuki

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