2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Presenting Team Germany

Team Germany

Team Members

Steven Bredow- 09/02/1985- Long Distance- Sprint


Alexander Stertzik- Paddleboard

Noelani Sach- Long Distance- SUP Surf- Technical Race

Carsten Kurmis- SUP Surf

Kai-Nicolas Steimer- 04/08/1990- Technical Race – SUP Surf

Sonni Hönscheid- 05/27/1981-Long Distance

Paul Ganse- 06/07/1996- Technical Race

Paulina Herpel- 03/02/1998-Technical Race- SUP Surf

Hannah Leni Krah- 02/26/2001- Sprint

SUP Surf: Noelani Sach –  Carsten Kurmis –  – Paulina Herpel – Kai-Nicolas Steimer

Long Distance: Steven Bredow –  Noelani Sach – Sonni Hönscheid

Technical Race: Noelani Sach – Kai-Nicolas Steimer – Paul Ganse – Paulina Herpel

Sprint: Steven Bredow – Hannah Leni Krah

Paddleboard: Alexander Stertzik

Team Manager: Carsten Kurmis


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