2017 ISA SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Presenting Team New Zealand

Team New Zealand

Team Members

Annabel Anderson- Long Distance- Technical Race- Sprint

Penelope Strickland- 09/12/1978- Long Distance- Technical Race

“I am really excited that NZ has put together such a strong team for this event, and so happy to be included. We are all looking forward to getting to Denmark and showing the world what we can do!”

Trevor Tunnington- 05/01/1997- Long Distance- Sprint- SUP Surf

“I can’t wait to race in Denmark! It’s going to be such a different place and I’m really looking forward to it!”

Marcus Hansen- 11/16/1992- Long Distance- Technical Race

Ollie Houghton- 01/26/2000- Technical Race

Stella Smith- 03/26/1996- SUP Surfing

Lucy Te Moananui- SUP Surfing

Sean Hovell – 04/14/1983- SUP Surfing

Jasmine Smith- Prone Paddleboard Technical Race

Jessica Miller- Prone Paddleboard Long Distance

Sam Shergold- 08/10/1993- Prone Paddleboard Long Distance

Cory Taylor- 06/09/1993- Prone Paddleboard Technical Race

Team Manager

Rosie Houghton


Long Distance: Annabel Anderson – Penelope Strickland – Trevor Tunnington – Marcus Hansen

Technical Race: Annabel Anderson – Penelope Strickland – Marcus Hansen – Ollie Houghton

Sprint: Annabel Anderson – Trevor Tunnington

SUP Surf: Trevor Tunnington – Stella Smith – Lucy Te Moananui – Sean Hovell

Prone Paddleboard Distance: Sam Shergold – Jessica Miller

Prone Paddleboard Technical Race: Cory Taylor – Jasmine Smith

Team Manager: Rosie Houghton

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