SUP Event: ICF SUP 2018 World Championship

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Location: Esposende, Portugal
Date: 30th August 2018 - 2nd September 2018

Event Overview

Organiser: ICFSUP 2018 World Championship
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Prize Money: 2000 Euro

The ICF SUP 2018 will take place in Ofrir, Portugal. Offering 4 formats of racing including downwind, 150 metre sprints, technical and an ISUP class race set over 4 days it has every type of racing a paddler could wish for!The prize money for 1st place starting at 2000 euro for all the technical, sprint and downwind races; for both men and women.

Long Distance Race – The Long Distance Race will be a Downwind around  Ofir, Esposende; Portugal.

There will be a 4 day waiting period and the race will take place in the day with the best downwind conditions.

Technical Race –  The 3 KM Technical Race will take place at Ofir beach. The course can be adjusted according to the weather conditions.


Thursday 30th August – Sprint Race

Friday 31st August – 4 KM inflatable Race

Saturday 1st September – 19 KM Long Distance Downwind Race

Sunday 2nd September – 4 KM Technical Race


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Event Location

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