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The Crozon Peninsula, which is located within the Armorican National Park area of Brittany, on France’s northwestern tip, and situated along the country’s Atlantic coast, provides a dramatic and invigorating backdrop for watersports enthusiasts of all ages and disciplines. Among these is of course stand-up paddle, which has gained a great deal of importance and popularity in the local area in recent times.


The rocky coastline and striking beauty of the landscape draws in tourists in search of more than mere sporting activities of course, with people coming to Crozon for relaxation, bird-watching, fishing, hill walks and a whole host of other activities besides. Nestled just below the busy port of Brest on the map, and above the picturesque bay of Douarnenez, Crozon benefits from a long fetch stretching across the Atlantic ocean, which ensures it lays claim some impressive waves and challenging swells for those who come for a bit of water-based activity. Needless to say, for SUP surfers, SUP racers and Downwind enthusiasts, it can be very hard to resist.


Local SUP coach and shop owner Amaury Dormet, has been practising stand up paddle in the local area for years. An eternal lover of the peninsula, Dormet even opened his very own surf school at the locally renowned nearby Goulien surf spot three years ago and organizes every year the Presqu’île Paddle Race, one of France’s major SUP downwind events. The beach at Morgat, which – unlike Goulien – is located on the peninsula itself, also draws in the crowds. Local riders Amandine Chazot and Boris Jinvresse but also SUP riders from all over come here to practice their discipline in a quiet and tranquil setting, benefitting from consistent year-round wind conditions and often defiant waves. Morgat’s local caves are also something to be explored on a SUP outing, as they are home to clear blue waters and a stunning diversity of minerals and aquatic life, which can be of striking natural beauty if observed on a good day. Additional SUP and surf spots nearby include La Palue, Lostmarc’h and Kerloch. But be careful, Crozon still remains something of a well-kept secret, and those active in the sport wish for it to remain that way, so try not to boast about your recent SUP trip there too much.

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