Live! US SUP Open – Huntington Beach – Stand Up World Series – Day 2


Watch the Sprints live on Day 2 of the 2015 US Sup Open at Huntington Beach, part of the Stand Up World Series.

Results, recap and highlights of Day 1 here :

>> 2015 US Sup Open – Day 1 – Long Distance <<

US Sup Open – Stand Up World Series – Day 2

Live results of Day 2 of the US Sup Open Stand Up World Series

Round 1 – Men’s
Kai Lenny wins Heat 1
Slater Trout wins Heat 2
Bicho Jimenez wins Heat 3
Connor Baxter wins Heat 4

Round 1 – Women’s
Candice Appleby wins Heat 1
Fiona Wylde wins Heat 2

Repechage Men’s 
Tucker Ingalls wins Repechage Heat 1
Giorgio Gomez wins Repechage Heat 2

Repechage Women’s
Sophia Bartlow wins Repechage Heat 2

Quarter Finals – Men’s

Quarterfinals 1
Advancing to semi-finals:
Mo Freitas 1st
Lorenzo Bennett 2nd
Kay Lenny 3rd
Bullett Obra 4th

Quarterfinals 2
Advancing to semi-finals:
Slater Trout 1st
Fernando Stalla 2nd
Casper Steinfath 3rd
Vinnicius Martins 4th

Quarterfinals 3
Advancing to semi-finals:

Jake Jensen 1st
Giorgio Gomez 2nd
Riggs Napoleon 3rd
Arthur Arutkin 4th

Quarterfinals 4
Advancing to semi-finals:

Kody Kerbox
Zane Schweitzer
Noa Ginella
Dylan Frick

Semi Finals

Semi Final 1
Advancing to the final:

Casper Steinfath 1st
Kai Lenny 2nd
Lorenzo Bennett 3rd
Mo Freitas 4th

Semi Final 2
Advancing to the final:

Connor Baxter 1st
Riggs Napoleon
Dylan Frick

Consolation Final – Women’s
Shelby Taylor 1st
Penelope Strickland 2nd
Izzy Gomez 3rd

Consolation Final – Men’s
Slater Trout
Vinnicius Martins
Fernando Stalla
Kody Kerbox

Final – Women’s 
Candice Appleby 1st
Fiona Wylde 2nd

Final – Men’s 
Kai Lenny 1st
Casper Steinfath 2nd
Mo Freitas 3rd
Jake Jensen 4th
Enzo Bennett 5h
Connor Baxter 6th
Riggs Napoleon 7th
Dylan Frick 8th


Here are the Men’s Elimination rounds for today: 

And here is the full schedule for the day:

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