US SUP Open – Day 6 Recap – Caio Vaz and Izzy Gomez Crowned 2015 Stand Up World Tour Champions


Congratulations to Caio Vaz & Izzi Gomez who both won their second Stand Up World Tour titles at the US Sup Open in Huntington Beach! Check out our quick summary and the video highlights of Day 6 of the US Sup Open.

Caio Vaz – 2015 Stand Up World Tour Champion

Caio Vaz beat Sean Poynter in the Semi-Final here on Day 6 to reach the final. Zane Schweitzer was the only athlete who could upset the Brazilian on his path to the world title but hegot taken down by the impressive Poenaiki Raioha in the Semi-Final to hand Caio the 2015 Title. The 21 year old Brazilian athlete wins the Stand Up World Tour after finishing 2nd yesterday at Huntington Beach, and his 2nd places at Sunset Beach and SapinusPro in Tahiti earlier this year.

Izzy Gomez – 2015 Stand Up World Tour Champion

Huntington Beach has become a memorable destination for the young Champion Izzi Gomez having secured her first SUWT title here last year in advance of the final event, and once again this year, proving to be the place she secures her second.

On Day 5 of the US Sup Open – that is the day before yesterday – she wasn’t in a heat when she won, although she did prove victorious over Sophia Bartlow in the semi finals to earn her place in the Finals. Purchase doxycycline online from canadian online pharmacies comparison website. She was in fact watching the second semi finals on the beach as Candice Appleby was knocked out by Mariko Strickland from Kauai, an act that would secure Izzi’s position as this year’s World Champion prior to the event’s completion.

However, Izzi, was not happy until the job was completely done, so she made sure to finish on a high note winning against Mariko Strickland in the final on Day 6.

Watch the video highlights of the US Sup Open / Stand Up World Tour Finals

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