Danny Ching & Shae Foudy take Overall wins at the Tommy Bahama Pier Paddle in Santa Monica this past Saturday


Danny Ching & Shae Foudy take Overall wins at the Tommy Bahama Pier Paddle in Santa Monica this past Saturday

tommy bahama race 2016 starting line

In his first race back since the birth of his daughter and the Carolina Cup, Danny Ching took first overall in the 6-mile distance race, followed by a second place in the PaddleCross (surf race), narrowly edging out Slater Trout in overall points.  Danny finished the 6-mile distance race one minute ahead of Chase Kosterlitz, and Slater Trout, however he still needed a strong result in the afternoon PaddleCross to claim the overall title that was based on combined results.


tommy bahama race 2016 danny ching
(Photo: Brian Kelly @briankelly19)

In the elite filled PaddleCross final, small waves tested the paddlers’ skill and tactics, with the race coming down to a beach sprint finish, sprinting up the sand with Slater going all out to charge across the finish line and claim the win, with Noa Hopper and Danny in a tight finish for second.

tommy bahama race 2016 leading group
(Photo: Brian Kelly @briankelly19)

On the women’s side, Shae Foudy pulled out the Overall win for the second year in a row, just beating Candice Appleby in points. Candice won the distance, as well as placed 2nd in the prone paddlecross.

tommy bahama race 2016 shae foudy
(Photo: Brian Kelly @briankelly19)

It was also great to see Brazilian paddler Jonas Leteiri return to California for more racing experience. Despite his physical disadvantage, Jonas competed in the elite division against many of the world’s best guys. It was amazing and inspiring to see in person.

tommy bahama race 2016 Jonas Leteiri
(Photo: Brian Kelly @briankelly19)

The day was a huge success, with $15,000 in prize money dispersed to all the elite winners.  Participants and spectators were also able to enjoy a Sierra Nevada Beer and Rum Garden as well as many live performances, headlined by legendary surf guitarist Dick Dale.

2016 Tommy Bahama Pier Paddle 


Overall results based on LD + PC

(PaddleCross was the tiebreaker)


1Shae Foudy1:16:52170:04:45193630.00
2Candice Appleby1:14:48190:04:58173622.50
3Lexi Alston1:23:04110:05:04152618.00
4Jade Howson1:22:16130:05:14132615.00
5Kali`a Alexiou1:19:36150:05:20112612.75
6Genna Flinkman1:35:3630:05:3191210.50
7Alyson Fromm1:26:2390:06:373129.00
8Karen Jacobsonn/a-0:06:28777.50
9Erika Benitez1:27:547n/a-76.75
10Malaya Ringn/a-0:06:34556.00
11Kristin Thomas1:30:385n/a-55.40
12Alejandra Brito1:43:2510:07:24124.80


1Danny Ching1:06:1719173630.00
2Slater Trout1:07:1715193422.50
3Giorgio Gomez1:07:3811132418.00
4Mo Freitas1:07:381392215.00
5Chase Kosterlitz1:07:081752212.75
6Noa Hopper1:10:445152010.50
7Bullet Obra1:08:04911209.00
8Fernando Stalla1:09:0877147.50
9Tyler Bashor1:17:140336.75
10Nick Scheel1:13:193036.00
11Chance Fielder1:14:001015.40
12Brennan Rose0004.80
13Jedd Hasay0004.50
14Elijah Schoenig0004.20
15Daniel Russell1:18:480003.90
16Taylor Rambo1:17:500003.60
17Patrick Cleveland1:20:250003.30
18Trevor Bashor0003.00
19Byron Kurt1:15:410002.70
20Mark Miyamoto0002.40
21Karl Ring1:15:130002.25
22Rodney Ellis1:16:380002.10
23Dave Boehne1:20:030001.95
24Jonas Letieri1:35:180001.80

Click here for the full results from all races and divisions

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