The Weekend SUP Recap


تداول الذهب اليوم A quick report on the events that took place while you were unplugged. Today we'll look at the result of The Ultimate Waterman, introduce the Adler Paddler Free Race taking place in Long Beach and give you the results of the Cocoa Beach Race located in Florida.

دراهم الاسهم الاماراتية The Ultimate Waterman

موقع السوق

خيار ثنائي autotrader erfahrung The Ultimate Waterman started this week-end in New Zealand. So far two races out of eight took place; The Outrigger Canoe Race and The Prone Paddleboard Race:

سعر بيع وشراء الذهب اليوم في السعودية أفضل حساب خيار ثنائي The official results for The Outrigger Canoe Race are:

متى تداول الحكير البيع اسهم 1. Danny Ching (USA) – 1:26:12
2. Connor Baxter (HAW) – 1:34:12
3. Mark Visser (AUS) – 1:35:01
4. Zane Schweitzer (HAW) – 1:38:42
5. Daniel Kereopa (NZL) – 1:38:54
6. Manoa Drollet (PYF) – 1:47:21
7. Caio Vaz (BRA) – 1:50:20
8. Kala Alexander (HAW) – 1:50:38 تجارة فوركس اسهم عليها طلب في السوق السعودي Summary of the race:

The Prone Paddleboard Race:

1st. Zane Schweitzer (HAW) – 41:58
2nd. Mark Visser (AUS) – 44:34
3rd. Danny Ching (USA) – 45:02
4th. Caio Vaz (BRA) – 45:59
5th. Daniel Kereopa (NZL) – 46:01
6th. Manoa Drollet (PYF) – 46:07
7th. Connor Baxter (HAW) – 52:25
8th. Kala Alexander(HAW)  – 57:14

الخيار ثنائي حافة Summary of the race:


طريقة المتاجره بالذهب After these two races Californian rider Danny Ching holds the lead.


SoCal Race Recap: The 6th Annual Adler Paddler

This past Saturday marked the 6th edition of the annual Adler Paddler taking place in Long Beach, California.  With 150+ paddlers out for the event, 65 degree weather lead to a beautiful morning for racing. The Adler race is a free race in honor of Steven Adler with all profit going towards the John Ritter Fund, so they can continue to help with research, awareness, and support for families dealing with aortic disease.

 Although this race didn't attract any of the top local professional paddlers, it did bring out a handful of up and coming paddlers, as well as some of the local star groms, including Paddle Academy stand-outs Max Fleming, Tyler Bashor, Trevor Bashor and Erika Benitez. This event always has great backing, including some big name sponsors such as Hurley, Futures and Quickblade.

The racing was comprised of a short and long course.

أربح المال بسرعة من الإنترنت Overall Winners:

Short Course SUP 12'6″

1           Max Fleming                00:26:38.94

2           Trevor Bashor              00:26:55.71

3           Matt Mckinney             00:28:42.46

4           Joe Mcgrath                 00:30:27.91

5           Kyle Kipper                  00:33:45.50

6           Dan Airth                      00:34:06.42

7           Kristofer Kirkpatrick     00:34:50.88

8           Jack Schmidt               00:36:30.04

9           Matthew Pill                 00:38:21.56

10         Sam Zion                     00:42:47.97

Long Course SUP Unlimited

1         Travis Cunningham      SUP Unlimited        48:12.99

2         Jared Vargas                 SUP Unlimited        49:41.92 

حساب تجريبي لتداول الخيارات الثنائية Full results available here:

Video of the race: اكتتائب أسهم شركة اسمنت ام القرى Fastest in Florida – Cocoa Beach Race

This weekend the Cocoa Beach Race took place on the Banana River in Florida. The event was composed of a 3 miles race and 8 miles flat water Elite race.

كيف تربح المال من الأسهم Here are the results of the 12'6 Elite Race:

1 Mark Athanacio  1:32:52.2 
2 Will Marston       1:33:12.9
3 Mark Miller         1:36:40.2 
4 Jason Casuga    1:40:40.2 
5 Greg Pascale     1:57:36.7

التداول فوركس Here are the results of the 14 Elite Race:

1 Gabriel Beauchesne-Sevigny – 1:21:25.2
2 Garrett Fletcher  – 1:22:45.3
3 Tommy Buday – 1:23:10.2
4 Jack Sauve – 1:23:13.8
5 Abraham Wilson – 1:25:25.2
6 Brad Ward – 1:25:46.2 
7 Samuel English  – 1:25:57.6
8 Terry Kent  – 1:26:37.4
9 Josh Smart – 1:28:09.1
10 Joey Huemfner – 1:28:39.8

تحليل الفوركس Here are the results of the 3 miles race, congratulation to our ambassador in Florida, Robert Norman!

ابي اشتري اسهم اي شركه تنصحوني Robert Norman 34:59.6
2 Rick Dean Masters 35:54.1
3 Peyton Thomas 37:14.3
4 Kevin Glatfelter 39:57.2 
5 Darryl Austin 40:07.8
6 Eric Thomas 41:09.0
7 Stephen Hal 42:39.2
8 Walter Bunso 42:53.8
9 Jason Cristofalo 43:38.8
10 Ryan Findley 46:14.2 
11 Lewis Pavlovich 50:46.0
12 Dan Hamblin 51:07.9
13 Charlie Preston Townsend 52:43.9

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