SUP Race Week-end Results: Japan Cup, SUP 11 City Tour, Battle of the Rock, Collioure Arena Race


Another week-end of intense SUP racing worldwide, here are the results we could get:

Michael Booth and Annabel Anderson win the Japan Cup’s Long Distance on Day 1

1. Michael Booth (1:43:55)
2. James Casey (1:46:10)
3. Kenny Kaneko (1:46:17)
4. Matt Nottage (1:46:31)
5. Timothy Cyprien (1:47:30)
6. Toby Cracknell (1:49:29)
7. Tomoyasu Murabayashi (1:49:37)
8. Hoshio Kashiwagi (1:50:36)
9. Mo Freitas (1:53:33)
10. Kaito Miyakoshi (1:54:24)

1. Annabel Anderson (1:57:22)
2. Yuka Sato (2:02:00)
3. Takayo Yokohama (2:07:07)

Annabel Anderson and Mo Freitas win the Survivor race on Day 2 of the Japan Cup

1. Mo Freitas (Hawaii/Focus)
2. James Casey (Australia/JP)
3. Michael Booth (Australia/Starboard)
4.Toby Cracknell (Australia/Infinity)
5. Matt Nottage (Australia/Starboard)
6. Kenny Kaneko (Japan/SIC)
7. Ryohei Yoshida (Japan/Sawarna)
8. Kaito Miyakoshi (Japan/Riviera)
9. Tomoyasu Murabayashi (Japan/Starboard)
10. Kei Komatsuyama (Japan/Starboard)

1. Annabel Anderson (New Zealand)
2. Yuka Sato (Japan)
3. Yuuka Horikoshi (Japan)
4. Takayo Yokoyama (Japan)
5. Chloe Walkerdene (Australia_
6. Chieko Arakawa (Japan)
7. Rei Furuya (Japan)

The Hasulyo brothers and Seychelle Hattingh, masters of the SUP 11 City Tour 2016

Full results:

Aaron Rowe, the local star wins the Battle of the Rock 2016

What a beautiful Saturday of racing it was on Brelade Beach in Jersey. The 15km by 6 km island greeted 30 paddlers aged from 7 to 57 and offered them some very interesting conditions with some nice little waves and 15 knot winds. The day was split in two races before everyone met at the Old Portlet Inn for a

Race 1
5 laps
1. Aaron Rowe
2. Yoann leven
3. André Le geyt
3 laps  
Tim rowe
Mark credon

Verity thomas
Joanne bennet
Elsa fernandes

Race 2

5 laps
Aaron rowe
André le geyt
Yohan leven

3 laps  
Gary smith
Sam axford
Mark creedon

Verity  thomas
Elsa Fernandes

Arthur Arutkin, King of the Collioure Arena Race

  1. Arthur Arutkin
  2. Jeremy Teulade
  3. Eric Terrien

Full results here:


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