Red Bull Heavy Water – What We Know 24 Hours After The Event


In the absence of a live stream, video summary or press release (we expect them to appear in the coming hours), here is all the info that TotalSUP has managed to gather for our readers about the Red Bull Heavy Water event that took place in San Francisco yesterday.

 Red bull heavy water

Red Bull Heavy Water Results: 

1. Conner Baxter
2. Kai Lenny
3. Zane Schweitzer
4. Casper Steinfath
5. Jake Jensen
6. Ryan Funk
7. James Casey
8. Leonard Nika
9. Slater Trout
10. John Handley
DNF Dave Boehne (due apparently to a broken leash)

Connor Baxter, Stand Up World Series Champion 2016

A win at the Red Bull Heavy Water was what Connor Baxter needed to comfort and increase his lead over the competition to win the world title.


Close to 100 at the beach start, 50-60 at the finish and a lot of people watching around the course


“Good vibe good local support and generally everyone was stoked” according to James Casey

Event set-up

It wasn’t the huge set-up you would usually expect from Red Bull. Red Bull was there with a few Red Bull girls distributing drinks but no big scaffolding in sight or anything like that. There were, however, helicopters and drones and heaps of photographers around the course.


The course was around 13km


As described by Connor Baxter (footage by Onit Pro)

#sanfrancisco #onitpro #redbull #heavywater Red Bull Heavy Water @onitpro

Une vidéo publiée par OnIt Pro (@onitpro) le

and by Zane Schweitzer (footage by Onit Pro)

#sanfrancisco #onitpro #redbull #heavywater Red Bull Heavy Water @onitpro

Une vidéo publiée par OnIt Pro (@onitpro) le

The Start

The shore break at the start was overhead heavy and relentless with not many gaps. Leonard Nika for instance got stuck for several minutes. (footage: @bolliwoods)

@cj_steinfath killing the start, #1 here we come #redbullheavywater #champ

Une vidéo publiée par Woods Buckley (@bolliwoods) le

#sanfrancisco #onitpro #redbull #heavywater Red Bull Heavy Water @onitpro

Une vidéo publiée par OnIt Pro (@onitpro) le

Prize money

1. Conner Baxter: $20,000
2. Kai Lenny: $10,000
3. Zane Schweitzer: $7,500
4. Casper Steinfath: $5,000
5. Jake Jensen: $3,000
6. Ryan Funk: $1,500
7. James Casey: $1,000
8. Leonard Nika: $800
9. Slater Trout: $650
10. John Handley: $500
There was no entry fee for the participants
Red bull is wiring the money apparently.

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