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SUP Designer Mathieu Rauzier Reinvents Beach Cruising with the Rayvolt Cruzer
Headed by French board designer and entrepreneur Mathieu Rauzier, Rayvolt Bike has just announced the global […]
Rayvolt: The new e-bikes venture of Starboard’s SUP designer Mathieu Rauzier
Renowned in the SUP industry as the maker of some of the fastest boards on […]
The 2016 Starboard Product Videos – All of them!
Once again, Starboard demonstrate they have the largest range of Stand Up Paddle boards on the […]
The 2015 Sprint by Starboard, fastest flatwater board of the year?
Three major flatwater international events won already. The 2015 Sprint board by Starboard is the […]
Sean Poynter in Barcelona
After winning the last two legs of the Stand Up World Tour, Sean Poynter spent […]
And the Starboard Name Battle Winner is…
That's it ! It took a few days to sort out the thousands of names […]
Starboard 2015 : the New Starboard Astro Line
Mathieu Rauzier, R&D Manager at Starboard talks to TotalSUP about the 2015 line of Starboard […]
Starboard Distribution Convention 2015 – SUP DAY
For the 3rd year in a row Starboard descends on the Spanish Costa Brava for […]
L’Astro Tiki Tour 2014 par Starboard
Starboard organise son Tour de France à lui. Mathieu Rauzier, Monsieur Starboard SUP et Clément […]
Gal Fridman: SUP in Israel with an Olympic Gold Medalist
If you look up his name on Wikipedia you will learn that Gal Fridman is an Israeli windsurfer […]
Bart de Zwart : Pushing the Boundaries of SUP
MAUI, HAWAII – In the world of Stand-Up Paddle the name Bart de Zwart rhymes […]
Bart de Zwart, Celui Qui Repousse Les Frontières du SUP
MAUI, HAWAI – Dans le monde du Stand-Up Paddle le nom de Bart de Zwart rime avec Victoires, […]
Román y Josune en Australia
Para Roman Frejo, a destacar entre su palmarés, Campeón de España 2011 y 2013, 4º […]
Les aventures de Román et Josune en Australie
Pour Román Frejo, le rider de Starboard (dont le palmarès déjà très étoffé comprend deux […]
Roman and Josune in Australia
For Román Frejo, the spanish pro-rider (Spain Champion 2011 et 2013, 4th at World Series in Oléron, 6th in […]