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SUP event lac d’Annecy : Un Week-End SUP pour toute la famille
La deuxième édition du SUP Event du Lac d’Annecy aura lieu dans 30 jours, le […]
Race Report ! Gabas Paddle Race 2016
The Gabas Paddle Race took place last week-end in Lourenties, near Pau in France. With the participation […]
My SUP Dog And Me Around Lake Tahoe, by Breeze Turner
We would like to introduce Breeze Turner to you. She is an amazing SUP girl […]
How I Won the Muskoka River X Expedition Race by Bart de Zwart
Hardly a week after winning the 11-City Tour, Bart de Swart, the extreme race rider from […]
Stand Up Paddle in Greece, Where and When?
GREECE — You haven't made up your mind on where to spend your SUP summer holidays? […]
Get Paddlefit with Susanne Lier – Core Training & Balance
Hi, I'm Susanne Lier, founder of Paddlefit and TotalSUP's ambassador in Switzerland ! Today I am going to […]