Gopro Mountain Games 2016 – Report


Last weekend the Gopro Mountain Games took place in Vail, Colorado. The event hosted 25 competitions, 3 of which were Stand Up Paddle river races. Here is our recap of 2 days of whitewater races.

More than a hundred Stand Up Paddlers were competing this weekend at the Gopro Mountain Games. They faced off in 3 different Stand Up Paddle competitions: A Downriver Sprint, a Stand Up Paddle Cross event and a Stand Up Paddle Skill Invitational.

mountains gropro 2016

Downriver Sprint Results

To get the full results go here.

Men Sprint

1Spencer LACY17:52.37--
2Michael TAVARES17:55.41+3.04
3Masayuki TAKAHATA18:02.43+10.06
4Brent REDDEN*18:13.14+20.77
5Dan GAVERE18:15.22+22.85
6Eric GIDDENS18:19.97+27.60
7Benjamin SARRAZIN18:23.11+30.74
8Charlie MACARTHUR*18:25.01+32.64
9Jeremiah WILLIAMS*18:29.30+36.93
10Alex MAUER18:34.57+42.20
11Dane JACKSON18:36.91+44.54
12Johnny BLACKSHIRE18:37.65+45.28
13Matt PAULA18:50.05+57.68
14Matthew BUCKLEY18:51.16+58.79
15Robert PRECHTL*18:58.66+1:06.29
16Bradley HILTON18:58.78+1:06.41
17Andy OBRIEN19:07.58+1:15.21
18Ken HOEVE19:10.77+1:18.40
19Connor BONHAM19:12.53+1:20.16
20Chuck PATTERSON19:13.02+1:20.65
21Jack NELSON19:14.53+1:22.16
22Nick TROUTMAN19:16.00+1:23.63
23Joey SAPUTO19:16.30+1:23.93
24Peter HALL19:16.76+1:24.39
25Mike HARVEY19:20.64+1:28.27
26Gary LACY19:21.90+1:29.53
27Hiromichi SASAKI19:24.25+1:31.88
28Kyle ANSEL19:34.40+1:42.03
29Ikuzo FUJIMURA19:34.48+1:42.11

Other noteworthy athlete results:

Dan Gavere, the winner of the Outdoormix 2016 finished 6th.

Dane Jackson (second at the Payette game last year) finished 11th.

And Chuck Patterson, the waterman from Team Naish finished 20th.

Women Sprint

1Rebecca GIDDENS18:50.64--
2Camille SWAN19:37.95+47.31
3Ashley BEAN19:53.15+1:02.51
4Hiiroko KINUKI19:59.53+1:08.89
5Jenny MACARTHUR*20:01.09+1:10.45
6Izzi GOMEZ20:09.28+1:18.64
7Natali ZOLLINGER20:09.82+1:19.18
8Elaine CAMPBELL*20:38.57+1:47.93
9Gentian NUZZO20:39.77+1:49.13
10Mary SUNDBLOM20:46.65+1:56.01
11Nadia ALMUTI20:49.44+1:58.80
12Trinity WALL20:52.15+2:01.51
13Laureta GREENLAND21:05.87+2:15.23
14Christian EDIE21:07.29+2:16.65
15Emily ST. RUTH21:13.13+2:22.49
16Kerri ROUGEMONT21:14.97+2:24.33
17Tamao IWASAKI21:24.15+2:33.51

Noteworthy result:

Izzi Gomez, the world Stand Up Paddle Surfing champion, finished 6th.


The Stand Up Paddle Skill Invitational Result

The Men Stand Up Paddle Skill Invitational was won by Michael Tavares ahead of Spencer Lacy and Dane Jackson. The young prodigy Miles Harvey finished 4th in this competition.

The Women Stand Up Paddle Skill Invitational was won by Natali Zollinger, Rebecca Giddens finished second and Izzi Gomez third.

The Stand Up Paddle Cross Event

Finally, on Sunday, the Stand Up Paddle Cross event was won by Spencer Lacy ahead of Mike Tavares and Lukes Hopkins –the winner of last year’s event-  who secured the third place by the narrowest of margins (a photo finish was actually needed to know who crossed the line first).

Here is the photo finish:
photo finish sup cross

Photo of the podium:
sup cross podium gopro 2016

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