Giordano Bruno Capparella: SUP Rider Made In Italy


تداول النفط والذهب Giordano Bruno Capparella the BIC SUP rider from Lake Bracciano is one of the strongest SUP athletes in Italy and has been on the circuit for years already. His watersports school is taking much of his time so he doesn’t get to travel internationally as much as the other top italian riders but takes part in most Italian races. Here is his portrait!

تداول الاسهم القطرية

اسعار الذهب في الاردن الخيارات الثنائية استراتيجية التجارة مزدوجة Ciao Giordano, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your background?
Hello, my name is Giordano Bruno Capparella. I have been practicing SUP since 2007 and I have always practiced windsurfing, canoe-kayaking, snowboarding and other boardsports. I live in Anguillara, a small town on the shores of Lake Bracciano. It is located 20 kms from Rome and 20 kms from the sea. It’s where I train and work. I have a windsurfing, canoe and, obviously, sup school, called Sporting Club Sabazia. My passion is working with children and promoting sport and a healthy lifestyle.

فتح حساب في فوركس

خيارات السماسرة الثنائية في جميع أنحاء العالم كم سعر كيلو الذهب

كيفية ربح المال من الإنترنت افضل الاسهم اصغيرة ربحا Who are your sponsors?  
My current sponsors are BIC SUP, Kialoa Paddle, Coolshoe and Cazzarul.

ثنائية المدرسة تداول الخيارات سعر الذهب الحالي في السعودية Can you describe your gear for us?
In SUP racing I use mainly the BIC “World Series” 12’6 x 25 shaped by Patrice Remoiville. It is excellent in all conditions. And Kialoa Paddles need no introduction. I use two different shapes: one for the srints and one for long distances.

كيف تربح المال بطريقة غير مشروعة In the waves, I’m currently using a prototype which is coming to market. An 80L x 7.6 x 25.5. It’s amazing. تحليل سوق دبي للاسهم

قائمة الشركات خيار ثنائي تداول الاسهم اليوم مباشر What are your best SUP results / achievements ?
I recently had a good race in Sainte Maxime in the south of France, ranking at the 7th place of the event. I also won the Italian SUP championship in 2011.

مراجعة إشارة خيار ثنائي What do you think of your season so far?
This year I will be finishing the Italy CUP with more than 10 races in advance ahead of my next opponent. I have been winning many national competitions this season. Unfortunately due to my work, I am really busy in the summer, depriving me much of my time and energy. But I am highly-trained thanks to the work I have been doing this past winter. Also thanks to a new training program combining cross-training and SUP. موقع توصيات الاسهم السعودية What is your favourite SUP destination? Best place you have paddled? 
Last winter I discovered New Zealand. I mixed SUP with a beautiful trip with lots of lakes and rivers and some giant waves. For the lifestyle I would definitely go to live in Costa Rica.

Here is a video of Giordano Bruno Capparella in Costa Rica in 2012: سوق الاسهم في دبي What’s your objective at the Stand Up World Series at Italia Surf Expo?
I just want to do my best and have fun.

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