And the Starboard Name Battle Winner is…


That's it ! It took a few days to sort out the thousands of names put forward by hundreds of entrants but Caren Forbes, Mathieu Rauzier and Svein Rasmussen have made their choice. Bow-Down for some incredible, amazing, inspiring, creative, witty – but also sometimes sketchy, cheesy, dodgy and VERY FUNNY – names. 

We personnally enjoyed:
– Jabba the SUP 
– The Big ASStro 
– The Big Blowoski
and M.B.T.Y as in Mine's Bigger Than Yours (fair enough with an 18'6 x 60)

Anyway, this new HUGE board from Starboard is now called …. 

How about Svein Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Starboard says it himself : 


So why do we have 3 winners :

Well, Alan Montgomery was the first to suggest “star-ship” on September 28 … but that dash in the middle… mmm huh hoh. 
Alan owns Pumped Up Boardworks in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – He wins a 2015 Starboard T-Shirt. 

Then Charlie Herr from Honolulu, Hawaii put forward “Star Ship” –  getting closer but not quite right… She's our 2nd runner-up and wins a 2015 Starboard T-Shirt !

And then came Geert-Jan Muskens from the Netherlands with STARSHIP. Solid ! Geert you are the Starboard STARSHIP name finder and you win a 2015 Tiki Tech Paddle. 

Could all 3 winners please contact Caren Forbes – – for their prize delivery ?

A huge THANKS to SUPRacer for being a great contest partner and to Starboard for their trust. Big shout-out also to Gleiten.TV for their beautiful video images. 

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